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NRLCA President Ronnie Stutts Welcomes Newly Appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

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On behalf of the NRLCA’s more than 130,000 rural letter carrier members, I would like to welcome Louis DeJoy as the new Postmaster General. I hope to sit down with Mr. DeJoy soon to discuss the myriad of issues we face as employees and as part of an agency that provides an essential service to the American people.

Mr. DeJoy takes the reins at a challenging time which calls for strong and smart leadership, free from partisan politics. It is a time when the country has asked Postal Service employees to serve on the front lines of a pandemic, at increased personal risk to themselves, delivering essential goods – food, PPE and other equipment, testing kits, benefit and relief checks, ballots, and medications. Our lives and our democracy quite literally depend upon us, and we need a strong advocate and voice that will enable the Postal Service to continue this work safely and effectively. A voice that will also win the support we need from Congress and political leaders, while staying above the partisan fray that has thus far prevented us from addressing serious threats to our future and ability to serve the public.

I am confident that Mr. DeJoy is up to the task and can bring his extensive business acumen to his leadership of the Postal Service, while also recognizing that the Postal Service is, necessarily, a different type of entity – one that has a constitutional mandate to deliver to every corner of the United States and its territories; one that millions of people rely on in numerous ways each and every day even in calmer times; and one that employs hundreds of thousands of dedicated public servants who take their responsibilities seriously and who have consistently made the Postal Service the most trusted federal agency in the country.

While we did not always agree on everything, the NRLCA enjoyed a very positive relationship with PMG Brennan, who was always willing to meet with our Board, attend rural letter carrier National Conventions and even take questions from delegates! We could count on PMG Brennan to listen and to address concerns and answer our questions frankly. It is my sincere hope that Mr. DeJoy continues this open-door policy and sees the NRLCA and its members as valuable and trusted partners in addressing the current challenges and those that lie ahead.

Once again, I welcome Mr. DeJoy, congratulate him on his appointment, and thank him for answering the call to serve.

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