NRLCA Reaches Tentative Agreement with USPS for 3-Year Contract

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association and the United States Postal Service have negotiated a Tentative Agreement to cover the 3-year period from May 21, 2021 to May 20, 2024. This Tentative Agreement must be ratified by a majority of the voting membership of the NRLCA to become effective.

The highlights of the Tentative Agreement are outlined below.

A more detailed explanation of the changes will be presented in a special Tentative Agreement edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine and via ratification meetings to be held via ZOOM Meetings in every state in accordance with Article XI, Section 1 of the Constitution of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association.

The required ratification meetings will be held in February 2022. The time and date of each meeting will be published in the special Tentative Agreement edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier and posted on the NRLCA national website.

The NRLCA National Board believes this is a fair and reasonable agreement that is in the best interest of the 132,000 hardworking rural letter carriers across the country providing for substantial gains in wages and benefits for all classifications of rural carriers.


NRLCA-USPS 2021-2024 Tentative Agreement Highlights is not sponsored or authorized by the NRLCA, the USPS or any state or local association. The materials on’s web site are provided “as is”. They are presented here for informational use only. See full disclaimer
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I quit the union 4 years ago . I feel all they’re concerned about is going on their conventions . With all that’s going on , all I see are pictures of all of them having a grand time , where u can stay and what you can do in the area . Get serious ! Sticking up for bad carriers that management hired and didn’t do their jobs ! I have 4 years left and I’m retiring , it’s a s— show in our office !

A Regular City Carrier, at the highest step (step O), now grosses over $70,000 per year, based upon 40 hours of work per week. I calculate that under this tentative agreement a Regular Rural Carrier would only max out at approximately $66,565, at the highest step (Step 12) based upon 40 hours of work per week. Just one year ago, both the Rural Carriers and the City Carriers would both max out at roughly $63,000 per year. We perform virtually all of the same tasks the City Carriers perform, and thus, should be paid equally with them. I feel that… Read more »

what about last juneteenth.. weren’t we supposed to get an extra floating holiday leave pay? or did we just get screwed out of that.. while the rest of the government employees got the paid day off last year EXCEPT us because it was too last minute.

Did anybody notice that under article 11 regular carriers can now be REQUIRED to work on their designated holiday rather than voluntarily. That seems to me like an awfully big give away that I DO NOT like. 2021 rate of inflation was 5% – inflation for the month of January is 7% and with the cost of living looks like we are being offered 2.5% and nothing for the inflated routes that we have been carrying for the last 2 years without a count.

I filed a grievance 2 months ago. On using a rca out of office before the rdwl and won. First grievance I have filed in 20 years and our great union agrees to that very thing the first chance they get. Makes me want out of paying dues. Im voting No. Why would they agree to pass the rdwl? The list is voluntary!!! Why mess with it? Also dont care for formula. Our craft is getting more like the city carriers at least they get some dues back.

Nope. This is bull$#!+ for what we’ve been through the past 2 years.
As an RCA, 2.3%/yr isn’t gonna cut it – not in this job market. That won’t even cover actual increases in cost-of-living (SocSec just got a 5.9% COLA).
I will leave, which means 1 sub in my office to cover 5 routes. Hope USPS is ready, bc I see this happening across the US.
And yes, I’m very close to becoming a regular. But why would I want to become a regular if they’re not doing anything to attract new RCAs?

The Union needs to see a mass exodus of their membership so they remember that if they don’t work for us, we won’t be paying their salaries anymore. What is presented here should have been the beginning of the negotiations, not the end result!

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I’m no expert, but the colas should be taken into consideration along with the raises, right?

I advise all Rural Carriers to read over this proposed contract very carefully before voting. The 1.3% ‘raise’ in today’s employment climate is pitiful.

In this current employment climate this is garbage. Does USPS actually want to keep employees?

1.3 %raises wow so generous 🤦🏻‍♂️