NRLCA Reaches Tentative Agreement with USPS for Three-Year Contract

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association and the United States Postal Service have negotiated a Tentative Agreement to cover the 3-year period from May 21, 2018 to May 20, 2021. This Tentative Agreement must be ratified by a majority of the voting membership of the NRLCA to become effective. The highlights of the Tentative Agreement are outlined below. A more detailed explanation of the changes will be presented in a special Tentative Agreement edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine and via ratification meetings to be held in every state in accordance with Article XI, Section 1 of the Constitution of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. The required ratification meetings will be held throughout the month of July 2019; the time and place of each meeting will be published in the special Tentative Agreement edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier Magazine and posted on the NRLCA National Website.

The NRLCA National Board believes this is a fair and reasonable agreement that is in the best interest of the 131,000 hardworking rural letter carriers across the country providing for substantial gains in wages and benefits for all classifications of rural carriers.



  • Article 38
    • 3-Year Contract
    • May 2018-May 2021
  • Article 9.1.A. General Wage Increases
    • 1.3% November 24, 2018-retroactively applied
    • 1.1% November 23, 2019
    • 1.0% November 21, 2020
    • 0.8% Additional increase November 21, 2020
    • 4.2% Total Compensation Increase term of the Agreement
    • Includes RCAs and ARCs
  • Article 9.1.E. COLA
    • Retain COLA, same formula and frequency
    • July 2018-retroactive
    • Jan 2019-retroactive
    • July 2019
    • Jan 2020
    • July 2020
    • Jan 2021
  • Article 9.1.F and 9.1.I. All RCAs and ARCs
    • Tables 3 and 4 receive additional 1% wage increase each year in lieu of COLA
    • Goes into effect with GWI increases-retroactive
  • Article 9.1.D. Top Step of Table Two raised to match top step of Table One
    • 2 additional steps added to table 2
    • Proportional COLA applied to lower steps in Table Two going forward
  • Article 21.1.B. Beginning 2020 employer contribution to FEHB plan premiums changes from 73% to 72%
  • MOU Non-Career Health Plan for RCAs
    • Will be available to all RCAs from date of hire
    • USPS continues to pay $125 per pay period toward Self Only premium
    • USPS to pay 65% of Family or Self Plus One premiums during first year of employment
    • USPS to pay 75% of Family or Self Plus One premiums after one year of employment
    • Special Open Season will be offered as soon as administratively possible
  • Article 9.2.C.3.a.1 and 2. Mail Counts
    • Parties agree to discuss interim method for evaluating routes in lieu of national mail counts
    • USPS retains right to call for a National Count in September
    • All special count provisions remain in effect
    • Traditional mail counts not necessary if RRECS is implemented
  • Article 30.2.D.4. Utilization of RCAs
    • RCAs from another office within local commuting distance may be used before regular carriers not on the RDWL
    • Mileage over normal commute will be compensated
  • MOU Task Force to address RCA hiring and retention
  • MOU Rural Joint Workplace Improvement Process
  • MOU Implementation of RRECS

NRLCA Reaches Tentative Agreement with USPS for Three-Year Contract

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Whatever happened to the retroactive pay for the carriers who retired after November of 2018?

Im a rural carrier retiree that is trying to find out what my route pay would be if I was still working today on a 45K route at the highest step. I need it for court asap. Can anyone help me?

In our office Brownsville Texas. All rural carriers are know required to swipe the clock just like the city side carriers do. Is this possible it is not on the contract. Probably could it be our office mangement trying to manipulate the system. Please help.

Why no buy outs for carriers?

does anyone know when we are getting all the retroactive pay?

Hey everyone I have a question I’m hoping someone who is more familiar with this can answer. My postmaster told me recently that this contract change would cause ARCs to get retroactive seniority. For example, a girl I work with has her ARC start date in June but her RCA start in November a week after mine, meaning she would start being counted back in June retroactively. Is this true? Thanks for any help.

They have basically addressed nothing of importance and, once again…rolled over to the demands of the PO. Time to look at a different Union to represent us in my opinion. NRLCA is beyond worthless. They have forgotten they represent the worker, not Management and the PO.

Still nothing that holds management accountable for their actions and constant violation of the contract
All the benefits and pay doesn’t mean nothing, when management can just keep treating people like crap.
Contract is a worthless piece of paper it is written on

Why isn’t the issue of getting credit for our years of RCA time not discussed? In my opinion this agreement is a joke, we (rural carriers) are still getting shafted! There should only be one craft of carrier; city and rural combined, true strength in numbers.

More money for pay scale 2… finally we will be able to survive without getting a 2nd job

Article 9.1.d top step of table 2 raised to top step of table one what does this mean thank you

What about the paid holidays for the RCA’s? CCA’s get 6 paid holidays and RCA’s get zero.