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NRLCA releases LOU on Step 4 Closed Business or School

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The NRLCA was approached to discuss the Step 4 in reference to the closed business or school.  In that Step 4, if a business/school closed hold contained 8 or more DPS letters, the carrier would receive a parcel during the Evaluated Compensations System (ECS) mail count.  After entering the RRECS environment, this agreement no longer made sense to the parties. We reviewed the numbers and although it may be looked at as the loss of a unscanned parcel, if you receive 8 pieces of DPS or more, where you used to get a parcel under ECS, but you will receive a larger credit with this LOU in RRECS.

Should you have to take the hold mail to the door, you would still get the piece count and then the additional credit of a DOORMISC.

The Postal Service once again announced this prior to there being an agreement. Prior to our signing the LOU, we required the USPS to hold a required Stand-up Talk on what the required credit should be for those pieces. Should you not receive this Stand-up talk no later than August 24, 2023, you should contact your steward.

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