NRLCA Signs Pre-Arbitration Settlement Related to Locked Mail Boxes

The issue in this grievance is whether rural carriers are entitled to additional time when they make more than one pass to a locked mail box. The parties agree that a locked mail box should have a slot large enough to accommodate the customer’s normal daily volume of mail. The parties further agree that there may be instances during a mail count when additional time is warranted for making more than one pass to a compliant mailbox dependent on the particular fact circumstances.

via News Info.

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Unless you have 98% of your route that have these boxes. 5.67 volume factor. This does matter to those who filed. One day you also may have a route that has these boxes. This is a time factor. And with all the freebies we now give away. I for one am glad to have someone pursue time factor issues!

They took all this time to say that? What does that mean? What about packages?

some of these answers they give are ridiculous . doesn’t even really address it . doesn’t say how much or who figures it . what about the pkg that would of fit but no longer fit because the box is locked

slip them if pakage would fit in normal box

While Rome burns, our leadership is fiddling
about crap it doesn’t matter