NRLCA statement on Groff v. DeJoy: United States Supreme Court Oral Argument

The NRLCA, National Postal Mail Handlers Union, and National Association of Letter Carriers filed a joint amicus brief with the Supreme Court arguing that the Court should not overrule Hardison and that burdens on co-workers can satisfy the “undue burden” test.

The NRLCA also argued that it would be an “undue burden” if the Postal Service had to violate a CBA or MOU provision to accommodate Groff’s religious practice. In addition, the NRLCA argued that, to the extent that the factual record from the lower courts was unclear, the Court should send the case back to the trial court to better develop the facts as to how Groff’s scheduling request would affect the Postal Service and his co-workers.

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Pieces of shit.

This is disgusting! More proof that the garbage NRLCA does nothing to protect their member’s rights!

When Groff was hired, there was no Sunday work. The useless union should be sued for misrepresentation for not backing Groff.

I kind of hope he wins so the RCAs will use this as an excuse to not work and they can pay us regulars OT to do Amazon Sundays.

Sure glad I never joined the union…leaving this outfit ran by monkeys asap…what joke…