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Recently, criticism has arisen over how the NRLCA-PAC contributes to Congressional campaigns. The NRLCA-PAC works to represent rural carrier issues on Capitol Hill by supporting key Senators and Representatives. Unfortunately, financial support of a campaign does not guarantee the Senator or Representative will support legislation favorable to our issues or positions.
The process for selecting which legislators or candidates receive financial support is broken down into three main categories:
  1. Assignment to Committees with jurisdiction over issues affecting NRLCA;
  2. Favorable position on issues important to NRLCA members;
  3. Congressional candidates who could support our causes, if elected.
Within these categories, particular legislators are given weighted preference. Factors such as Congressional leadership position, Committee rank, seniority, and involvement with local membership are often used to determine contribution levels. The NRLCA also identifies long-term allies we have worked with on issues in the past .
The NRLCA has a 30 year history of supporting the Committee Chairs & Ranking Members of House & Senate Committees with jurisdiction over the issues that affect rural letter carriers, regardless of party, very simply because we must work with them. Ultimately, it is the citizens who elect their Representatives and Senators to Congress, regardless of whether or not the NRLCA-PAC contributed to their campaign. The NRLCA-PAC must work and build a relationship with who the American voters choose. Because of this, the Legislative Department continually meets with members and their staff, keeping constant track of their positions and voting records.
Lawmakers have thousands of interest groups giving them input on how to support/oppose different ideas. However, financial support does help give our National Officers, State Boards, and Legislative Department access to Members at fundraising events where we are able to present our issues.
Thank you for your continued support of NRLCA-PAC.

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association

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