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NRLCA: Step 4 Settlement on Carriers Required to Verify Parcels Outside of Normal Parcel Handling

The issue in this grievance is whether additional compensation is warranted when local management requires rural carriers to verify parcels are properly sorted to the assigned routes immediately upon completion of parcel distribution.

The parties agree that management may require rural carriers to make an additional trip to the parcel hamper in order to verify parcels have been properly distributed.

In those situations where the verification is not performed in conjunction with normal and routine handling of the parcels, rural carriers shall be compensated actual time to make an additional round trip to the distribution area and to deposit any missorted parcels in the designated location. Compensation is provided via PS Form 8127 for regular rural carriers or PS Form 1314-A for leave replacements. The parties further agree if a rural carrier is required to perform this function during a mail count additional credit will be provided in Column 17.


Click here to view the Step 4 settlement letter

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