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NRLCA: Step 4 Settlement on Salary Advances

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The issue in the grievance is management refusing to issue an emergency salary advance, claiming that the grievant had been “terminated” when, in fact, the grievant was not. The parties agree that:


“Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures, Section 23-3, Employee Emergency Salary,
outlines the authorized and unauthorized conditions for issuance of an emergency salary
advance. The parties agree that these provisions shall apply in those instances when a rural
carrier requests an emergency salary advance.”


We have attached the relevant pages from Handbook F-101 for your reference. The parties at the national level agree that the word “terminated” as used in Handbook F-101, Section 23-3.1.2.c only applies after disposition of an employee’s case either by settlement with the Union or through exhaustion of the grievance-arbitration procedure.


Click here to view the Step 4 settlement letter and here to download the relevant pages from Handbook F-101 for you reference

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