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NRLCA: Talking Points Against Postal Privatization

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On June 21, 2018, the Administration released a wide-ranging proposal to overhaul the federal government. Included in the government overhaul is a proposal to privatize the United States Postal Service. The Administration states their “proposal would restructure the United States Postal System to return it to a sustainable business model or prepare it for future conversion from a Government Agency into a privately-held corporation.”

Privatization is not the answer. Privatizing America’s Postal Service will put at risk 100s of millions of citizens who live in rural areas whose livelihoods depend on an affordable Postal Service. If the Postal Service is allowed to be privatized, private corporations will cherry pick the profitable areas, leaving rural America behind. The Postal Service is engrained in the U.S. Constitution to make sure all Americans are guaranteed a public postal service. The financial impact on the U.S economy is enormous. The Postal Service is the lynchpin of a $1.4 trillion mailing industry that represents 7.5 million jobs. As Congress and the NRLCA continue to work toward meaningful postal reform legislation, NO postal stakeholders, except for some private shippers who are trying to get the Postal Service out of the parcel business, have expressed any interest in wanting to privatize the USPS.

The Postal Service is rated as the Most Trusted Government Agency according to a Gallup survey, and DOES NOT receive any taxpayer monies to operate.

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