NRLCA: UPS Partners with USPS on 7-Day Pickup and Delivery

UPS is set to begin seven-day delivery beginning January 1, 2020. Along with taking further advantage of its own network, UPS will collaborate with the Postal Service to offer Sunday delivery services.

“I can tell you that I personally got a commitment from the top USPS that they understand our requirements and the needs of our customers and their outflows are committed to work with us to make sure that this is going to be a very successful offering,” UPS CEO David Abney told investors during a July 24 earnings call. “So I couldn’t be any more confident in our Sunday delivery capabilities, all three parts of the strategy, including the commitment from USPS to perform at the levels we need.”

The news comes after FedEx announced seven-day delivery in May as both companies scramble to compete with Amazon’s swelling logistics capacity.


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Just don’t understand why we need Sunday delivery; paying postal employees time and a half on my (government) dime.

Hey tax payer. Your uninformed. We do not get payed by the government. Look it up. We are a self funded enterprise. We do not get any government pay. We’re just like naft non appropriated fund. Government does not pay us. Get your fax correct jack ass.

It’s not on your dime.

Yer an idiot. USPS is fully-funded thru sales of products and delivery services.
We are the only Federal agency that’s not taxpayer subsidized.

The postal service workers are not paid by government dime. The USPS have not received tax payer dollars since the postal service reorganizational act in 1970. The postal service has been self funded since then. The primary carriers that will work on Sundays will be paid at the straight time rate. There is a lot of misinformation about the postal service in circulation.

Actually, taxpayers do bail out the postal service to the tune of about 18 billion a year bro

Not your dime, unless you buy something and get it delivered by USPS in Sunday. USPS is not funded by taxes but sales.

Don’t be naive by saying USPS is self sufficient. The post office lost $4 billion in 2018 and will lose $7 billion in 2019. They lost over $60 billion since 2007. A true private company would be bankrupt now. They are bailed by cheap goverment loans to cover their losses every year. Where do you think the goverment gets the money to loan to the post office? They post office also doesnt have to pay taxes. So yes, taxpayers indirectly pay for the post office to stay in business.

Dear taxpayer,The post office is nonprofit.. duhhhh. Spread the word

18 billion A year? Lol we pulling random numbers out of our rears now? The treasury is floating USPS’s debt the same way they do for private banks, and it’s roughly 6 to 7 billion a year due to congressional mendates to prefund pensions while also strangling efforts in expanding services…but no, hate on the one institution that actually used to pay for itself. Still makes 50 to 60 billion a year.

Wrong again there is no bailout from the feds. Just the debt is growing and from prefunding health care and retirement 75 years into the future. The postal service post profits every quarter which is wiped out due to prefunding.

1). Regular mail carriers don’t deliver Parcels on Sundays. City Carrier Assistants do (the new guys that get paid less).
2). They work straight time not time and a half on Sundays (40 hours a week like everyone else).
3). The postal service does not accept mail that is not profitable to deliver, that is federal law.
4). In the past USPS has accepted loans to cover deficits from the federal government that have to be paid back.

Yes some of my customers and family members tought the same thing that tax payers, pay for our wages. I had to correct them as well.
We Employees at the
United States Postal Service
Do not get paid by tax payers we get paid by our stamp revenues and services we offer

That’s seems like a joke because they wouldn’t do that and if they were actually going through with that they should say something over the phone to the customer that calls them and they should definitely work around the customer work schedule

If a postal employee works on Sunday and it is his or her scheduled work day they get Sunday premium pay and not the standard overtime pay which is time and a half.

They are not paying them time and a half, they have part time workers and employees that start on Sundays and end their week on Thursday

I seriously wish that people would do the minumum of research before assuming postal workers make a boatload of money. The employees who work on Sat and Sun are on STRAIGHT TIME. They also make (at best) 4 dollars over minumum wage while deliving stuff in a vehicle that does not have Air Conditioning in a heat index of 120+ degrees. AND? The customer NEEDS to have that 50 pound bag of dog food delivered in 2 days: which puts the heat exhausted postal worker at maximum risk carrying that stuff up a driveway because you couldn’t move your damn… Read more »

Quantity vs Quality:
Amazon better start paying their carriers better. They are literally hiring drivers as long as they can walk and chew gum. Threats of 25 stops per hour or else…the backlash is coming. $15-$17 per hour + lousy benefits = UNION at some point. UPS Driver: $38/hour + free benefits + $12/hour into a pension plan vs AMAZON Driver: $15-$17/hour + horrible employee paid benefits + no pension. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when they unionize!

My guess is that all or most will incorporate a 5 day work week with rotating days off. Just like all the businesses who operate 7 days a week.
FedEx ground driver
(Its not an easy job)

Why are we assisting our competition?

lol we don’t get paid time and a half to work a Sunday. Our pay period begins on a Saturday. When we get to close to hitting 40 hours our post master finds someone else to work.

Dear taxpayer, It should be noted the billion dollar “loss”, is pre-fund retirement. It goes into the general fund. Think about what that means. General fund.
Now regarding you being a taxpayer….maybe you shouldn’t…see losthorizons website.