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NRLCA: UPS Partners with USPS on 7-Day Pickup and Delivery

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UPS is set to begin seven-day delivery beginning January 1, 2020. Along with taking further advantage of its own network, UPS will collaborate with the Postal Service to offer Sunday delivery services.

“I can tell you that I personally got a commitment from the top USPS that they understand our requirements and the needs of our customers and their outflows are committed to work with us to make sure that this is going to be a very successful offering,” UPS CEO David Abney told investors during a July 24 earnings call. “So I couldn’t be any more confident in our Sunday delivery capabilities, all three parts of the strategy, including the commitment from USPS to perform at the levels we need.”

The news comes after FedEx announced seven-day delivery in May as both companies scramble to compete with Amazon’s swelling logistics capacity.


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