NRLCA: USPS Leadership Hints at Possible Big Cuts for Postal Workers in New Draft Plan

Details of the USPS’ draft 10-year business plan are slowly being released, and the plan suggests that Congress should approve cuts to postal workers’ benefits. The changes include reducing paid leave, increasing employees’ share of retirement plan contributions, moving to a 401(k) program, and requiring retirees to enroll in Medicare.

Under the draft plan, the leave policy would change to combine vacation and sick days, meaning fewer total days off for carriers. Other proposed cost-cutting measures include “frequency delivery changes” — likely meant as a reference to five-day delivery — and increasing the number of temporary workers.

The proposed changes are not finalized, however, and an official 10-year business plan will likely be presented to the House Oversight Committee sometime in the next three months. Many of the proposed changes require Congressional approval before being enacted.

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I propose since we cannot strike by law on our off time we can still pickett in front of post offices to let management know this is unacceptable

I feel we are being set up to fail with these proposed changes, so they can get support to privatize, they keep pushing for privatization

Yes, let’s get rid of Saturday delivery, however keep our pay and benefits the same.

I agree let us deliver the mail the common sense way like I have for the past 20 years

The EAS pay scale is entirely too high. $80k for riding a desk and answering the phone? Really??
At least 90% of EAS employees have absolutely nothing to do with getting the mail delivered. The Postal Service has no intention to reduce costs. They know Congress will continue to turn a blind eye to their empty cost reducing talk. How about an OIG audit of EAS travel and per diem??

Keep Voting for republicans , will make retirement get , what party doesn’t like unions again

This is about par. Take from those who’s shoulders you stand on to make you massive salaries. Good luck with that you pencil pushing geeks. Come out from your desks & come on the road. See what real work is! Clueless mooks!!

Get rid of the dead weight at the top who set behind a desk or wherever and tell someone who has carried mail 30 years how to do my job!!!!! Make there numbers look good.. Forget customer service.. We don’t have customer service anymore.. All about numbers an a bonus

Good luck getting people to work for less and less and less!