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Passing the delivery milestone

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Dell Rapids resident Robbin Baily’s personal odometer rolled past a million miles as a rural carrier for post offices in Colton and Chester.

To recognize surpassing the delivery milestone without a preventable incident, Baily was inducted into the United States Postal Service’s One Million Mile Club on Tuesday, March 1, with a plaque and cake.

“I’ve done 125 miles every day since 1984, and somewhere along the line it just clicked in,” Baily said.

Baily’s supervisor, Hartford Postmaster Laurie DeSmet, said Baily is dependable and has a solid work ethic.

“Robb has always been one of those guys that you just don’t need to worry about,” she said. “He is always at the helm of his route. He is good natured and very diligent with his mail delivery. It’s a pleasure to work with him because he’s always spot on, and his customers love him.”

Source: Passing the delivery milestone

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