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Bill, I just looked on the old news from this site. The last contract, we got our pay updated pp18 of 2019 and the back pay was paid on pp6 2020. And I do remember that it was delayed due to programming or some bs for another month or two after they told us a date. So if that time frame follows true this time as well, late this year, early next year.

Does any know when the back pay MIGHT get to us. How about the EMA is it going to every go up with the fuel price jumping 20 – 40 cents every day.

Maybe we as rural carriers should stop doing the “activity scans” that the union and management seems to be so hot on until we see our back pay? Maybe that will get a reaction

When will you dumbass rural carriers open your eyes and see that your Union is screwing you? When is the last time the Union did anything to benefit the rural carriers? Keep paying your dues so the Union fat cats continue to profit while you work harder and for less money. As managers we are trained take advantage of the rural craft because of the ineptness of the NRLCA. How many times have you called your Union representative only to be directed to voicemail and some excuse about having troubles with their voicemail? Keep paying your Union dues, suckers!

Does the August 5th pay include the backpay from the original effective date of February 27th? I know the other backpay is at a later date.

A wise carrier told me dont bother joining the union..waste of money..couldnt be more right

Should I hold out to ten years to get a better pension?

I am considering resigning at the age of 46 with 9 years of full time service as a

Just pay us what you owe us..if we owed them they charge interest we should all send them a interest bill

Our union is a complete joke, I’m ashamed to say that I have been a member for thirty nine years. Where are they now on this issue,I’ll tell you. They are in bed with management where they’ve been for years. I would resign but I’m retiring soon so no more dues for me.

But if they somehow made a mistake and paid us too much it would get docked off the very next paycheck… this is bogus.

So curious as to the dates that would be reflected in your final high 3 when retiring. Will it be the date that we got our raise or the pay period they actually started our raise?

elections coming got to show something lol

What an absolute joke! They don’t care at all about rural carriers, and back pay at a later date is bs that’s roughly 3-4k for some of us

Good thing we have a Union… Just kidding

Yes it’s not their pay or back pay. Just keep kicking it down the road

Why do things right when you can kick it down the road

Keep kicking the can!