PO 603 Revision September 2013


Explanation. This is a revision of Handbook PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities. Revisions are made to part 535, Mail Count Forms.

Click here to download the Updated PO 603

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It is actual hours worked for the first 5 paychecks, which is 10 weeks. You don't start the evaluated time until after that. If you are just helping on a route, you would punch a green card and get paid hourly. Everytime you work a route you have not worked before, you get the actual hours worked for the first 5 paychecks.

I am a new RCA – can anyone explain how we are paid? In training they said you would be paid hourly the first 5 weeks. I then heard you are paid higher of hourly or evaluated time the first time you do a route for the first five pay periods, then evaluated time there after. What if you are helping out on a route or just delivering the route, is that hourly or a portion of the evaluated time. I would just appreciate some clarification on this as I was shorted on both my first and second paycheck…8.75hrs. and… Read more »

Work harder and longer and get less pay.

What are the changes