The NRLCA was notified by the Postal Service in a letter dated February 5, 2015 that was received February 9, 2015. The NRLCA requested a meeting with the Postal Service per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. A meeting was held and a site visit scheduled to observe this new functionality. The parties are still in discussion with the Postal Service as it relates to this change. The Postal Service enabled  this functionality beginning March 1, 2015. With this functionality carriers will obtain customer signatures for Signature Mail on the MDD rather than utilizing the PS form 3849. The signature and the address are both required when performing the sign on glass function. The Postal Service should have provided a stand up talk for all carriers that utilize the MDD (new scanners).

via Click here for Service talk about the Sign on Glass function.

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Will be getting our new scanners soon but at least with the new additions to the new scanners, the people who are doing the time study will see all of these things we will have to do.

As far as clearing the accountables in the afternoon. There is a report that should be printed out before cradling scanner. from the main menu select the letter “A. Accountable Reports” then select “2. Print Accountable Report”. If the printer is set up correctly in RIMS, it will print out a list of the accountable pieces delivered and in combination with the returned pieces allow you to be cleared.

Had a customer ask me if this is how we try to make him look stupid– I said yes- mission accomplished !!

I don’t like having to input their name before they sign. I think that should be done after. Just as the old scanners we had. To me they set that up backwards. We got our new scanners this past Friday, which I was off and didn’t get the dimension talk. So I was on my own today. Got a little help on set-up from a sub in the office. But I had to have a Customer sign. So I followed what the scanner told me to do. I hit a letter that needed to be deleted. Couldn’t figure out how… Read more »

It would be great, if I could get it to work!

You can use a regular click pen without the ink

Tell the clerk that she is not the PM and cannot tell you what she will or will not clear.

For signatures, I still have them sign the paper, like you said it wants the name first…do we always understand our customers when asking for their names???

Many signatures are as illegible on paper as they are in the scanner. I still write the 3849 in the office as I don’t want to do it at the mailbox. If they are home, I toss the paper. Often when a customer has multiple pkgs, it only uploads one. So now we scan and clear each individually. I’m sure there will be a time adjustment for this but right now it hasn’t changed. For signature confirmations you have to type in the initial/last name then have them sign it. That’s a pain…

Update the tin cans they call vehicles.

It sucks!! The writing is delayed which confuses the customers and makes their signature completely illegible.

Personally I think it takes longer to type in all the information than writing on the 3849

The green receipt GOES TO the sender: guess now they will have to have access to our scanning records. Or the green card still gets signed, Or the PO will have to generate a computer copy of signature to the sender via e mail. Oh great, more expense

Buck Byrd – When signing IN on your scanner, When it says, enter mobile device (phone) # open phone and scan the square scan on phone screen. Scanner and phone will be paired, much easier.

How we paid for all this extra???

Kristina Marie

Still got to write out 3849’s if customer is unavailable I presume. Can’t just leave the scanner. Ha/Ha

It is going to take some getting used to as you carry the package or mail piece and scanner and pen and 3849 in case they don’t answer you still have to fill out the 3849
Also return receipts have to be filled out as well. Kind if a pain. Should be all in 1 and that’s it.

I have used this feature since receiving our new scanners and love it! The new scanners I feel is saving time because we aren’t having to fight with the pairing of the phone and it scans even the faintest bar codes! If you haven’t got yours yet, you will love love them when you do! 🙂

You can have the customer write in their own address while they’re signing

Ann we’re supposed to get new scanners this week. Maybe we will have this new feature as well.

I can already see the scratched in address from the stylus on the screen.

Still have to write out a 3849 if the customer is not home. Need 3-4 hands.


And then hand the return receipt to them to sign for like always

Nobody’s been home, so I haven’t gotten mine signed on yet!

I don’t have customers do this. I still use the 3849s

haha you got to be kidding, we get our updates on fb

No stand up talk yet… but I won’t miss hand writing all that stuff.

We have to get the new scanners first! Lol

lol they took our stylus away…

It’s about time. But “they’ll” want to reduce our time somewhere because it’s one less piece of paper we have to process. :/

they enabled that in our office almost 2 weeks ago, but not all of our new scanners seem to do it ,mine hasn’t prompted me yet still says sign 3849 what i hate i not remembering to scan the 3849 after an attempt and i have to walk back to the damned 3849 to do it ————- p o s

When it states sign the3849…it is referring to the electronic 3849 which is the screen that is showing at the time.

Have some in our office but still have not had the talk or told us how we are to be cleared in the afternoon since our clearing clerk is not always in the clearing cage so we just leave what we bring back with a clearing slip and get cleared that way. Was told by the clerk she would only clear us on what we brought back

Meanwhile I waste 30 minutes everyday trying to connect my scanner to my phone and typing in tracking numbers(even when the barcode is clear)

We’ve been doing it for 3 weeks now!!

We started with the new scanner, this past week. Nothing to them,except you have to put in the address. With the accountable.

Had ours awhile now still have have 3849 not all stuff can be signed for on them