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Postal worker distributes flyer to customers asking them to "ship all you can" during the rural mail count.

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In the flier distributed this week, the postal worker wrote in part:

“During the period of March 12- March 26, 2016, I would really appreciate your help.

The USPS “counts” every piece of mail, parcels, etc. that I handle. The purpose of this 2- week sampling is to set my pay, paid time off, etc. for the ensuing year.

So please mail, mail, order, order, click and ship all you can…”

In the flier, the postal worker goes on to write: “increasing my workload during this “sampling period” might actually get me a paid-day off… What a concept!”

In response to the carrier’s letter, the USPS released this statement:

“The carrier’s note was not endorsed by the Postal Service and is against policy that prohibits solicitation of the public. We apologize to the customers who received it and assure them that appropriate action will be taken.”

Click the thumbnail below to see the full size flyer


Source: USPS apologizes after carrier leaves letter asking residents to “ship all you can” | 9news.com

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