Postal worker distributes flyer to customers asking them to "ship all you can" during the rural mail count.

In the flier distributed this week, the postal worker wrote in part:

“During the period of March 12- March 26, 2016, I would really appreciate your help.

The USPS “counts” every piece of mail, parcels, etc. that I handle. The purpose of this 2- week sampling is to set my pay, paid time off, etc. for the ensuing year.

So please mail, mail, order, order, click and ship all you can…”

In the flier, the postal worker goes on to write: “increasing my workload during this “sampling period” might actually get me a paid-day off… What a concept!”

In response to the carrier’s letter, the USPS released this statement:

“The carrier’s note was not endorsed by the Postal Service and is against policy that prohibits solicitation of the public. We apologize to the customers who received it and assure them that appropriate action will be taken.”

Click the thumbnail below to see the full size flyer


Source: USPS apologizes after carrier leaves letter asking residents to “ship all you can” |

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Yes, well aware of what to do, thank you though 🙂

If they are delivering those priority on Sunday other than the holiday period that this is supposed to happen you need to contact a steward. Amazon pays for this Sunday service and they should be the only ones getting their packages delivered on Sunday. It should not be our place but unfortunately it is our place to make sure things are done correctly. Those packages could be the difference in someone going to the next hour during a mail count.

He could get nailed for influencing the mail count, regardless of if he used postage.

There are more stories on the news about mailbox theft right before count, coincidence?

There are more stories on the news about mailbox theft right before count, coincidence?

You know the post office gives a big discount 4 all the mailers a discount to mail the catalogs and such before mail count

You know, I can’t really blame them. Seriously, let’s take a step back and really think about “the count”. As a co-worker of mine said; why does management get to determine when count is? How is it that they also get to determine what is an isn’t a flat/letter/parcel? Why do we get frustrated and anxious when it comes around? Because a measurement of the mail, not what we deserve a “measurement” of the mail determines our pay for what could quite possibly be 2 years! I’m over this evaluated system. Seriously. He also made a good point, go ask… Read more »

Being forced for the THIRD year in a row…..even when they do screw you, they want to do it harder. I can’t believe they have the nerve to claim they don’t hold mail back. 1st thing I said when I walked in and saw the heaping stacks of mail -“bet you would never believe that count starts Saturday “. What a joke! Better get more Vaseline. …

What I f up systems never. Gonna change sad sad sad

No different then them pushing all the mail out before and after count . It’s just a bad system no one cares to fix.

Someone is probably going to get in trouble for this.??yikes!

Like it BUT don’t do. Against the rules, we can not solicit deliveries.

I’m not condoning what this carrier did but what I will say is….it’s no different than their blatant ways of doing the count when we have no mail. They couldn’t even count us the1st-13th to get all the 1st of the months flats. They made sure to wait after the election. We’ve been hearing that our subs have been delivering Priority along with Amazon on Sunday…We really need a better system. And WHY do we have to be re-measured everytime count happens if there are no changes….everybody measures differently…. Just pay us for what we do, thats all we want!… Read more »

mail gets held back for count, so I guess this is “all’s fair in love and war”

I have sometimes just plainly said… support your local post office. mail a letter instead of an email for a more personal message to a loved one. just something generic lol but never mention it due to the count etc before. that’s a little bold


Hmmm the P O wants us to solicit our services with rural reach to take business from UPS and Fedex so the P O can make $$$$$ but when he tries to solicit for himself and the P O he can be fired? Thats screwed up.

They know exactly how much mail we deliver. Every parcel has a scan now. Why count our mail? Just average it out for the whole year!


Of what about p o giving discount to mailers if customers can wait a month


I totally can relate to this person…it’s wrong our pay is determined for an entire year over a two week period when the mail is at it lightest and the po can manipulate the flow. I did not count even though I know I’m bigger than a 41k because I have lost faith and trust in the po to give me a decent resulet. It was more important to me to live the next two weeks unstressed then the hour or two I would have gone up…the system is flawed and needs to change desparetly.

SLAMMED ALL WEEK! This is our spring break week for our area, several will be on hold so not as many packages will be headed this way.

He should be fired.

Unfortunately the powers that be in the USPS will seriously try to fire this carrier.I hope not.We know they cheat us as much as possible.

Omg. Sad. Really, but this is our burden. I

He signed them

I hope he was smart enough to at least put a stamp on all those flyers. That would be where the PO could nail him.

We can’t win…….

I wouldn’t be surprised if the PO DIDNT SEND out some type of letters to customers encouraging them NOT to mail during this time. But this would be OK

I would be happy to just get what we are supposed to get, but we are always doing more and more for free

that’s what I thought!!

What ah DA…. GEEZ

Denise Baucom

We are not measured by what “they” do or what someone else did. We are measured by what we do. As for me, I’ll fight like a rabid animal for all I’m entitled but make no attempt at dishonest gain. No intent of religious speech, just raised on hand shake values by fine parents.

This should be a “turnabout is fair play” situation surely. ?

Well heck ya, its not like the union is gonna help us. Gotta help yourself.

Wouldn’t Rural Reach be considered soliciting? Do we want their business or not? Or do we only want it when we don’t get credit for it

True most of us are not college graduates and do make a decent salary but we work hard for that salary in all kinds of weather. What do we get in thanks for it the threat of losing part of our salary every couple of years because of a bad count. Just hard to accept that we can be working for a place for close to 30 years and still have to worry about our paychecks. I have a friend who works for another branch of the government they work from home lots of times they complain about other coworkers… Read more »

Question…in each of our area that we live and work, what better paying job can you get with your education and background, than your PO job….I know it’s a hard job, but that is why it is called work…and I know management will screw us over if they can but just do your job right the same way every day

Do anyone know where this happen at?


I would like to share this article! !!

That was a very foolish thing to do. The carrier could be accused of trying to influence the count, which is a fireable offense.

Haha just tell them verbally

So……obviously he will be getting a whole lot of UN-PAID days off!!

It crossed my mind ?

I did!!!!!

Did everyone share the article? ?

It’s been nuts with all the bulk flats