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Postal worker killed after tree hits vehicle at GA golf course

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A postal worker was killed Saturday after a tree fell onto his vehicle at a DeKalb County golf course.

DeKalb County fire Capt. Eric Jackson said the male postal worker was driving on the premises of Lithonia’s Mystery Valley Golf Club when, around 12:30 p.m., a tree “that appeared to be in poor health” fell from the side of the roadway and struck him. The vehicle careened off the road, down a short hillside and into another tree.

The impact from the falling tree likely caused the postal worker’s death, Jackson said. Wind likely contributed to knocking the tree down, Jackson said, but the snow and ice that blanketed metro Atlanta earlier in the day were not immediately believed to be factors.

“It was really a freak accident,” Jackson said.

The postal worker’s identity was not released. DeKalb County police were investigating the incident.


Decarlo Allen has been a Rural RCA since 2005.  He was employed at the Lithonia, GA post office.  See his obituary here

Source: Postal worker killed after tree hits vehicle at DeKalb golf… | www.ajc.com

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