Postal worker (rural carrier) dies following accident Saturday 

COVINGTON, GA — A candlelight vigil was scheduled Wednesday night for the postal worker who died Saturday after her USPS truck was hit by another vehicle. The vigil for Hillary Adair Hicks, 59, of Decatur, a nine-year postal service employee, was set to be held at the Covington Carrier Annex on Covington Bypass Road.

According to a report from the Georgia State Patrol, around 11 a.m. on May 14, Hicks was traveling north on Ga. Highway 81 near Boogers Hill Road in her postal service vehicle when witnesses said she pulled almost completely onto the east shoulder of the road. A man from Ohio and his 8-year-old son were behind her and pulled into the southbound lane to go around her.

Hicks attempted to turn left into a private driveway to deliver the mail, and turned in front of the second driver. He turned back to his right in an attempt to avoid the collision, but struck her rear bumper with his left side bumper.

Hicks’ vehicle spun around and overturned, throwing her from the vehicle. She was transported by EMS to Piedmont Newton Hospital, but she later died from her injuries. The second driver and his son were uninjured in the accident. No charges have been filed.

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Sabrina, If you were working than that is clearly an on the job injury. You need to appeal workers comps decision! It has nothing to do with your state, it’s Federal workers comp. They like to deny on the first try and hope you won’t appeal.

My daughter was rearended a while back. Had to take the person to court and would you believe that the argument was that it was her fault for not being completely out of the road, even though there was no way for her or any mail carrier to get out of the road. To make matters worse they argued the ruling that if you hit someone from behind it isn’t your fault always. Wow, it was when I took my drivers test years ago. To think this could have been my child!!! Love, prayers and sympathy to the family .

Prayers from 34601,33523

Turning left into a driveway from a box always makes me a little nervous

condolences to her family and postal family, from 70377

I’m curious it says she was thrown from the vehicle was she not wearing her seatbelt

Prayers to her family and her coworkers. From 30506

Prayers to all

So sad everyday we are faced with the risk of automobile accidents from one carrier to another much love and prayers for her family.

Sending prayers to the family.

Prayers! Breaks my heart!

Prayers for the family. RIP

What kills me about this happening is there is nothing to protect us postal workers in GA. I was hit in the rear because the boy wasn’t paying attention. I lost $1,706.00 in wages that USPS wouldn’t pay, workers comp paid the $9,000 in medical but wants it back. Had to take the insurance company to court and in GA you can be held partially liable for being in the road and that’s how they ruled it so the little $6,000 that they awarded me was cut to $3,100 because they said it was 49% my fault and workers comp… Read more »

And that carrier in Cedartown was hit by a logging truck and she ejected out the window by the mail try.

They told us this morning it was in Covington Georgia. They said the carrier got rear-ended the LLV flipped over the carrier was ejected because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt

Was this an llv?

This is the second carrier in GA this year who died because they weren’t wearing their seat belt.

RIP prayers to her family

Prayers as well for her family

Prayers for the family