Preliminary Route Classification Changes (1)

The National Board has been given preliminary results for the first RRECS evaluation. As you can see based on the graph that we were given, approximately 66% of all routes lost in evaluation and 6% stayed the same, and 28% gained in evaluation.

As you can see the USPS has not provided to us requested information to verify the accuracy of these numbers. We were left with no alternative but file a Step 4 and an unfair labor charge (ULP).

SEE FULL POST AT NRLCA.ORG – Preliminary RRECS Evaluation Results

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I don’t trust anything that can be changed electronically. Not to mention algorithms they can magically alter information.

Throw it out

Everyone should drop the union if your route goes down! If city carriers, clerks and management won’t be affected from our lack of business then why should we be the ones penalized?because we are efficient? Aren’t we the profitable ones? Maybe I’m missing something but just doesn’t seem right.

WOW what surprise routes lost time who say this coming. Think all of us was knowing that we where going to lose. I’m now looking to move on after 25 years here never thought I would be treated so sh@@e n forced to work more and even harder for a lot less pay.

All of them rural carries should do what the clerks do on my offices…. Sleep in the break room and flat out refuse to do their job. All management does is make other people do the work all while their are getting paid to sleep!!!! What is the PO going to do if call us carriers lay down too!!!! Fuck these bitch ass high ups. Fuck you PO I have seen what can be done here and still have you see job

Stop doing you’re job, still show up but Fuck off till your time is up then walk out the door!!!!! What the Fuck is the PO going to do they can’t even get people to work..

Blue flu if this shit goes through…. Don’t be scared the the PO and the union for this shit show

Mass walk out if this shit show is aloud too pass…. These numbers or a way too confirm these numbers????? Fuck these bitch ass mother fuckers lets see what happens when nothing is delivered ??????

Mass walk out. Fuck the PO and our union. What are they going to do???? Who will deliver all that stuff???????

I agree that us rural carriers should strike! The Rural craft makes up the majority of Postal carriers across the United States! They know they’ve been taking advantage of us for the last 5 years. Don’t you think they might act quickly if we all didn’t show up for a week?! The USPS has shown they don’t care about our craft and yet they expect us to show up to work everyday and do our jobs right & then they want to hold us accountable for the ridiculous scanners and all their issues!!

Even if the PO gives the NRLCA the data to validate RRECS, how do we know the data is correct? After the delay, the refusal to provide data for a year, & now the preliminary results, I do not trust the USPS. We are held accountable to do everything correctly, the USPS should be held accountable. We should throw it out and do a normal 2 week count. Even if we have to stagger counts between offices, a union rep should be present in each office during count.

This mini mail was results from the union and upper management. If it was a problem we should of talked to the union and not follow through.

When does new mail count go into effect?

Whomever is behind that RRECS computer and those who created the software for RRECS know how to manipulate the numbers to their advantage and will continue to do so in order to screw us over. USPS built that software for a purpose and that purpose is to their advantage.

Whomever is behind that RRECS computer and those who created the software for RRECS know how to manipulate the numbers to their advantage and will continue to do so in order to screw us over. USPS built that software for a purpose and that purpose is to their advantage.

We all should have expected this bs after we got $1000’s of dollars back last month from the back pay they owed us. They just trying to find a way to get some of that money back.

This doesn’t surprise me one bit. My route is a 100 mile k route and I told my wife that I wouldn’t be surprised if I go back to a j. Im sick of working for these lying cheating bastards, so im in the process of filling out my retirement papers. I’ve worked for almost forty years and im tired of constantly being screwed by these scumbags.

Between 2010 and 2012 the NRLCA leadership came up with the idea to hire engineers to redo our pay system. The USPS followed because they knew that the fkn morons leading the union had just fkd every rural career in America moving forward. Take a Bow Jenette Dwyer. At some point this lady needs to move the fk on, she retired years ago after leading the charge of RRECS for years. Yet still she takes rural carrier money. Take a Bow Ronnie Stutts. Your a nice man but an absolute moron who likely tote’s around a Forrest Gump range IQ.… Read more »

Rural carriers have the right to opt for hourly. I know, I know, nobody really wants that, but consider the new pay rate you’ll have, and ask yourself again.

I’ve worked both city and rural and city walking pace is 25% of my avg walking pace. 25%! Imagine doing only 25% of your route a day for the same pay! And automatic overtime after 8hrs on the clock.
USPS violates the contract by not providing data. Contract law history shows the Contract is VOID by their action as is!!!!

So after the NRLCA negotiated a new system of pay based almost entirely on digital data – without testing the data and without ever seeing the data before, during, or after the data was compiled – they proceeded with this system…only to find out 2/3 of their members’ salaries are going down, 44% of their members’ salaries are going down to the tune of $10,000 or more, and now, and only now, they’re asking to see the data these results are based off of…hmmm…sounds like the NRLCA really knows how to negotiate. But fear not, they are fighting against the… Read more »

I love the way our union leaks this information a week before we find out our own personal evaluation. Nothing like creating a mass panic attack

Back when I was a rural carrier and news of an new evaluated system that “averaged” our daily DPS as opposed to a 2 or 4 week snapshot when its at its lowest point, I was optimistic!! Looking at the results of RRECS… D*MN, hourly is your only solution… don’t show up. Don’t call in sick, just don’t show up… en masse. To LOSE 16 THOUSAND K routes is insane!!! Mail Volume has gone down… but parcel volume is at an all time high… and that weighs heavy on the Rural Carrier. Sorry Brothers & Sisters I do not regret… Read more »

Remember the shootings of the 80’s and 90’s? That shit will be happening again. Soon…

If one hasn’t realized that the Union is corrupt, too to bottom, you are new or one of the a$$ wipes pocketing the money. When I found that they bought 3 mattresses for house in DC to the tune of 8k, I knew what was going on. In our area, Baffa, it’s run by one family who are complete money grubbers. They smile, say right and listen, then turn around and DO NOTHING. I was told soooooo many times management discretion at every complaint, even finding our later they grieved the same issue and got compensation. We finally wrote to… Read more »

Idk what all the fuss is about my k route went up from a 46-48. In my office a bunch went up from 46-48k 3 routes 44-48k 3routes. An I finish my route in 4 1/2 hrs a day without pushing it 265 daily dismounts plus package delivery and pick up 23 miles. An my overall volume has been down since last summer. Either people fought adapting to the new scanners or got used to being lazy in their routes. Its an easy job, an being a former city carrier way easier than city side.

With no proof of numbers I think this is absolutely absurd.

It sounds like all union members should be at the meetings to vote in some real union representatives from Washington all the way down to the local steward’s.

All management says is volume is down. Meanwhile they changed the standards again! In my office the volume is there and our routes still went down. The carrier who lost $19k (46 to 40) found his count sheet from 2010. He had 609 stops and averaged 53 parcels and his route was a 41k. Now under rrecs he has 720 stops and averages over 100 scans but is now a 40. Volumes down ??? Compared to what?

I went from a J route to an AUX Rotue. Lost over $10,000 in yearly pay. I have 1,072 people on my route. Just because I have low miles and cluster boxes I am punished. I keep up will all current customers on my route comparing the rent rolls with the tickets on every box every 6 weeks. Mgmt. Tells me a regular can’t be a regular on an AUX Route. No one can tell me when my route will be added to to build it back up to a wage I can live on. There is another apartment complex… Read more »

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