President’s Update on Contract Negotiations, RRECS & RCAs

NRLCA President Ronnie Stutts provides an update to the membership about the status of contract negotiations with USPS, the implementation of RRECS, and the leave replacement shortage. September 22, 2021. is not sponsored or authorized by the NRLCA, the USPS or any state or local association. The materials on’s web site are provided “as is”. They are presented here for informational use only. See full disclaimer
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Most of the RCA lost in the Memphis area quit because of Amazon Sunday. RCAs are being force by resignation form to run City routes not Rural routes. Once they return to the station they are sent back out to run City packages.

They soon quit. It’s 12hrs on a Sunday carrying City routes.

Do something.

You are stressing the urgency on RCA’s and treatment in offices. The fact is “it is the Contracts agreements on how to treat them That have failed over and over again.” RCa’s have been willing to work And hold things down during our time of need and just want to Benefit like the full time employees that they have been for better part of a decade. This crisis is not going to be fixed overnight. And the vans have created more of a crisis Leaving the RCa’s that have POv’s to carry even more of the burden. This will also… Read more »

All the package deliveries by Amazon, FedEx, Ups,, they are providing vehicles for the employees. 13 years for the post office and I still drive my own vehicle. Yes I believe wages had been great but I blow a head and that’s $2,000 out of my pocket at one time. Its insane! I was told once my route was approved for one but then it disappeared… even went for training. what, how? You want subs in there get vehicles going… raise the wages. STOP giving out free boxes. Start selling mailboxes for routes, why let department stores make $$$ from… Read more »

What’s being done ?my steward said that as long as they put stickers on vans and Literature in lobby there covered 👌. What good is that I didn’t work years as a rca to become a regular to loose my Saturday. And the po resolution is to have my k day on a Wednesday? How can companies like target or Amazon can hire 1000s in one day but the usps can’t hire 4 in one year,then when you do hire rcas they run them off by making them run other offices they didn’t apply to and run 2 to 3… Read more »

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I appreciate the update, however I believe a mail count should be part of our current negotiations. We have worked three and a half years without a mail count. We have a grievance filed currently dealing with the package increase. That being said even if you were to find a way to move RRECS forward more expeditiously, I’m confident this will not happen before the end of next year. I know personally how difficult these counts are for us. But, we have many things that need to be addressed the are no longer the base line set in April of… Read more »