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PS Form 3227-R Revision: Rural or Highway Contract Route Carrier Stamp Purchase Order Form

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Effective July 2023, the Postal Service™ revised PS Form 3227-R, Rural or Highway Contract Route Carrier Stamp Purchase Order Form, to update the information based on the recent rate increase.

The revised edition is dated July 2023. All previous editions of PS Form 3227-R are obsolete and must be recycled.

The July 2023 edition of PS Form 3227-R is available from the Material Distribution Center (MDC) in Topeka, KS. USPS® facilities can order the revised PS Form 3227-R through the MDC eBuy+ catalog using the following information:

PSIN: PS 3227-R

PSN: 7530-01-000-9885

Unit of Issue: EA

Minimum Order Quantity: 100

Quick Pick Number: 164

Price*: $0.0478

Edition Date: 7/23

* Price is current as of this date but is subject to change.

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