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Quick update on the NRLCA/USPS Engineering study

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Thanks for sharing.. DH 

Information from union meeting – Main topic of discussion, time study. Seems the USPS has now realized all the unions contracts are expiring in 2015 and they need this time study for negotiations. So the USPS is “now” fully funding the study so that this information can be obtained.

There is a engineering group of 3; one USPS, one Union, and one suppose to be unbiased party picked by the 2 of them.

To set a time standard for a duty, 80% of the people have to be able to perform at that standard. There is a lab set up to simulate the duties we have to perform and they are going out in the field to study different situations.

That’s all for now.. It’s not much, but it is something…  You know I will share more information when/if it becomes available.

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