Quick update on the NRLCA/USPS Engineering study


Thanks for sharing.. DH 

Information from union meeting – Main topic of discussion, time study. Seems the USPS has now realized all the unions contracts are expiring in 2015 and they need this time study for negotiations. So the USPS is “now” fully funding the study so that this information can be obtained.

There is a engineering group of 3; one USPS, one Union, and one suppose to be unbiased party picked by the 2 of them.

To set a time standard for a duty, 80% of the people have to be able to perform at that standard. There is a lab set up to simulate the duties we have to perform and they are going out in the field to study different situations.

That’s all for now.. It’s not much, but it is something…  You know I will share more information when/if it becomes available.


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Better then what we have now. Thanks for the updates

If the engineers award us fair credit for parcels, the Postal Service will demand the end of the evaluated system.

They are doing studies in a lab?! How in the world does that show them what it is like in our real world? I am beginning to think this study is a joke. They should be riding with carriers and following a different carrier on different types of routes to get a feel for what we really do. I would love a GPS unit in my car so that they can see how much longer it takes me to my route which gets paid 1.82 minutes per box as compared to the routes in our office that get paid 2… Read more »

I heard while back they were riding routes and observing in offices across u.s. the lab work needs to be scientific to provide exact times that they cannot do in offices. They may be going to the millisecond on things.
As far as non L routes beating evaluation by hours a day. Definitely not true in or office! L routes are most under in or office. We have about 50 routes.

I think the time study will eliminate the L vs non L route compensation. I was told to expect more of a chart-like pay scale. I hope it will eliminate the double whammy on centralized delivery with LLV’s. Don’t see how it makes it more efficient to deliver those boxes when I don’t even utilize the LLV for delivery for 2/3 of my route. if all of my route was centralized, I’d have a LHD van to deliver out of & not have to suffer the 43 pc/min time standard.

Mail carriers will lose in the end . Rule of thumb anything the Union gives up we will NEVER get back. 43 a min for FSS flats has to change that’s crazy.

What about packages we pick up? All we hear is about is rural reach and turn in leads. And you pay me based on the mail count? The man who builds bookshelves and these 40-50 lbs benches was on vacation. So where does that figure into you time study? What about the extra time to un load all this when I get back. Give me a scan and letter count if I pick up a package that weighs less than 2 lbs. where does this figure into you time study? This needs to be addressed.

WHOA!!! Maybe I’m wrong but I thought this “study” was going to be done by an independent engineering group that was part of a college………Put me on the clock…I can mumble and stumble around all day…… I’m holding my thumb and forefinger up and there’s a 3 inch space between them. That’s how much work I’m going to do today….anymore than that and I want overtime….just like the rest of the clock punchers. Let’s get a REAL Union….not one that turns around and sticks it up our backend!

The union did NOT give up the time standard change on FSS. It was awarded by the arbitrator. They fought to keep the standard at 17 ppm.

This article isn’t just in reference to Rural carriers, but all the Unions, so when they speak of doing their own studies and in a lab environment, they are not referring to Rural. Our study is already ongoing.

This information is from a rural carrier union meeting and was specifically about the USPS/NRLCA Engineer Study.

Give this a chance. See what happens. The old system is and has been broke. With computers and new zip code tracking post office wants they should to track almost everything we get. Also I would not like to be forced to 40 hours and have them (management and OIG) follow me around to make sure I am making my time. Or 18 scans per day on city rounds in my office for city carriers are on time. Lab part is to bring into a controlled environment to see how outside factors work. Did same thing in Navy and in… Read more »

Mismanagement can and will occur when least expected and least desired. This is an axiom. We are all human after all, and subject to those same innate limitations, and bear and exert against different pressures even when facing the same obstacle. No day is the same as the last, and complicated standards for each minutia in how we operate and approach each of these otherwise simple problems will only serve to compound and extend whatever difficulty we face. The study, proposal, and outcome implementation will not change that. It may however, minimize the scope to which they or anyone else… Read more »

Think about it. If rural carriers go on the clock, then it will cost them a whole lot more for parcels to be delivered by the hour than evaluated time even if they have to increase the time standards for to-the-door parcels to 4-5 minutes each. But also, don’t be surprised if parcels like boxes of checks for example that are currently parcel credit to have their standard cut to flat credit. Just saying.

To set a standard, 80% of the people have to be able to perform at that standard. Is that 80% of the people in the “lab” or 80% of rural carriers in the office / out on the route? Know anyone that can do 43 DPS letters and FSS flats per minute in an LLV?? APWU and NRLCA contracts expire in 2015. 2016 for the other two unions. Certainly would like to see a pictures of the “lab” and of them simulating rural duties. Are they being interrupted at the “case: to talk to “customers” on the phone or up… Read more »

Our boxes of checks have been counted as flats for years !!! Along with all the medicine in the white bags and many other items that don’t cover 80% of the mailing .. I have carried mail for 28 years and we have been going backwards forever !! I don’t expect nothing to go in the rural carriers favor . We just have to face that we are on the bottom for the postal service and were the ones to get the shaft always !


For the engineer study, what is the age range of the people being timed in the tests? Are they 20-year-old track and field athletes or are 60-somethings nearing retirement included? There is scuttlebutt about oh-so-subtle and officially denied age discrimination in the USPS.

Amen! I know this is a late reply. But bulk mail, specially newly irregular box holders, i.e. every door direct mail can always be optimized to suit any route (carrier) that takes less actual work hours to finish. And during mail count, this bulk volume can be reduced drastically at will by management. So, for those who think the USPS wants to give us a time card… why would it give up the only control over NRLCA? The IES, or any study that is conducted in preparation for a labor contract negotiation, will serve and only serve one purpose: to… Read more »