Ratification meeting report by Ruralinfo.net

Ruralinfo.net – I attended my contract ratification meeting yesterday and here are my notes

It was agreed that RCAs could be forced to work in other offices, but that they are being forced now, and this will make sure they get mileage pay. It was stressed that it can only be for a full assignment, not partial.

They don’t expect most aux carriers will be used in other offices because they can only send them to do a full day and not a partial day which would eliminate most aux carriers since it would probably put them working over 12 hours

I have heard that in other ratification meetings, some officers are pushing the PTF position. Nothing was said in my meeting about PTFs

Retirees and those that have left the PO will get the back pay if they were working during the included dates,  but an important thing to remember is that it will go to the post office and not their home address

It was said that the USPS originally wanted to eliminate the RDWL and they didn’t want to pay RCAs to travel to other offices..

It was stated that the USPS is already crying broke and they would most certainly use it in arbitration.

It was stressed that we have to be vigilant in doing everything the right way on our routes. The scanner is like having your manager in the vehicle with you. They can see everything.

We will be getting paid for what we actually do every day once the RRECS goes into effect. Every thing you do every single day will affect your pay.

There was also talk about how much the ratification process costs. They are discussing other options to present such as streaming it live on the website, or using live conferencing.

Overall, the National officer at my meeting considered this a good contract considering the current political and financial environment.


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Already sent my vote in let’s get our money now rather than later

This tentative agreement is basically what we been getting the last 3 or 4 contracts. Its a decent contract. I know when an arbitrator has decided our fate, we’ve taken big hits in our time allowance and salaries…

Cant believe people think this as a good contract. 3.8% over 3 years? Doesn’t even keep up with inflation. We only get a partial cola. Rcas basically get nothing. Our standards and expectations are in the whole if you consider this good. Btw, cola is only 229

Did anyone ask them why they haven’t addressed the fact that we still only get 3 weeks of guaranteed time? Also, until we get guaranteed time starting right after thanksgiving this contract is a joke.

I am an RCA. I know we will be reimbursed for the difference in pay for the hours worked since May of 2018. Do you know if we will be paid the 65% – 75% cost of medical insurance premiums paid since May 2018?

Yea our union always fights for our day off rather than money. So we get no overtime while the city carriers work 60 hours a week. I only do this shit for the money

Thank you for caring enough to follow this through. I know that Regular Rural Carriers don’t have a dog in this fight, and you taking the time to find out facts for the RCA’S matters. This contract is 90% about RCA’S, and while I am thankful that it is being addressed? I wonder: do the Regular Carriers (aside from a few that I know personally) care that they have subs who are treated fairly. The fact is: If we can’t keep subs: you won’t get time off. It’s the bottom line, and the Post Office doesn’t treat RCA’s well as… Read more »

Great….I love how RCA’s are being turned into CCA’s but without the benefits and overtime. Am I safe to assume RCA’s will stay on continuous call as well? So I can expect a call at 7am telling me I’m forced to some crap office 2 hours from my house the day after a holiday to work 15 hours with no overtime pay! The union is useless, and I love being turned into a slave. If anyone knows a way I can voice my opinion to these idiots that would be appreciated. All this will do will allow for offices to… Read more »

I’ve been a rural carrier for 35 years and I have learned one thing. When our mighty union is fighting for us at contract time , if you don’t tense up it won’t hurt quite as bad.