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RCA recognized as ‘Super Hero’

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Declared a “Super Hero” by the U.S. Postal Service, rural carrier associate James W. Smith III, 37 of Verda, was also commended by Evarts Postmaster Peggy Haywood and his co-workers for performing “deeds above and beyond the call of his duty.”

While delivering the mail recently on Cane Branch Road in the No. 1 Camp in Kenvir, Smith came by the home of 83-year-old Grace Burkhart. He said normally when he goes by Burkhart’s house he hears the TV from inside her home.

“On that particular day I didn’t hear her TV at all, which was odd to me,” said Smith. “So, I stopped and began to listen more closely. That is when I heard a banging noise at her door. So, I stepped up on her porch and heard her calling for help. I opened her metal screen door and found her laying in the floor injured.”

After contacting Burkhart at her home, she said a few weeks ago, while she was alone in her home trying to get some empty boxes to the garbage, she fell in her home.

via Smith recognized as ‘Super Hero’ – Harlan Daily Enterprise – harlandaily.com.

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