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Remembering a mother, sister and postal worker

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“We never called each other by our first names. We always called each other sister. It was always hi sister, bye sister, I love you sister. I’m really going to miss that,” said the victim’s sister-in-law Allison Babcock.Allison Babcock says she’ll always remember her sister-in-law Trisha Palmer’s smile.A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service says the 35-year old woman was killed when she ran a stop sign and hit a dump truck. It happened on Township Road 3 near County Road L in Richfield Township.There are the skid marks from the dump truck. It appears the driver tried to stop. Glass liters the side of the road. The truck driver 47-year old Jeffery Halliwill was taken to a local hospitalPalmer was thrown from her mail truck. A cross and flower with her name on it sits in a grassy area where the accident happened. The victim’s brother is devastated.”It hurts him and I know it does. It breaks his heart that he’s not going to get to see his sister again,” said Babcock.

Source: Remembering a mother, sister and postal worker

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