Remembering a mother, sister and postal worker

“We never called each other by our first names. We always called each other sister. It was always hi sister, bye sister, I love you sister. I’m really going to miss that,” said the victim’s sister-in-law Allison Babcock.Allison Babcock says she’ll always remember her sister-in-law Trisha Palmer’s smile.A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service says the 35-year old woman was killed when she ran a stop sign and hit a dump truck. It happened on Township Road 3 near County Road L in Richfield Township.There are the skid marks from the dump truck. It appears the driver tried to stop. Glass liters the side of the road. The truck driver 47-year old Jeffery Halliwill was taken to a local hospitalPalmer was thrown from her mail truck. A cross and flower with her name on it sits in a grassy area where the accident happened. The victim’s brother is devastated.”It hurts him and I know it does. It breaks his heart that he’s not going to get to see his sister again,” said Babcock.

Source: Remembering a mother, sister and postal worker

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I always wear the lap belt, otherwise I feel like I’m going to fall out of that BIG window.

Prayers to this family.. R.I.P.

Not wearing a seatbelt is a no-no. And once it’s discovered you weren’t wearring your seatbelt, the postal service or whoever are not required to pay out your life insurance. WEAR YOUR SEATBELT at least to protect your family.