Rep. Stansbury Grills Postmaster DeJoy on Rural Mail Carrier Pay and Services

During a House Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee hearing, Rep. Stansbury asked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on lack of communication and consultation with rank and file postal workers.

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Ask Trump what he would tell Dejoy…. YOUR FIRED!

What a chump. He literally couldn’t care less. I want to see the whole video.

Look at the head crook squirm!

I started in 2006 on the city side and switched to rural in 2007. Mail decline happened since people start paying bills online and it happened long time ago, but now we get way more packages and mail already regulated and mostly the same amount weekly. There is nothing to decline. Bunch of BS and keep saying it’s unfortunate. How come they always did manual mail count on the slowest month of the year. Plus with these RRECS my route missing data and I need to fill up 10 papers on every issue individually to have hopes they’ll fix it… Read more »

This guy is a worthless piece of shit, he’s a cold hearted evil worthless bastard and hell bent on destroying the us postal service. He needs to go. His plan for the postal service will destroy it and I think that is his plan.

The problem with Dejoy is, he was never a carrier. He came in a business man and just looked at the numbers. Saw how much we were loosing compared to our profits. He has no empathy for the carriers, just the bottom line.

Ask Trump?? Homeboy hired that schmuck. If any of you are still paying union dues you are part of the problem!!

Dejoy is a piece of shit. I want to see him carry a heavy 48k rural route 6 days a week. No days off. No breaks. With amazin packages. Hamper after hamper as far as the eye can see, in 110 degree heat. Don’t forget to drink water. Hahahaha He wouldn’t last a fucking week in our job. Soft, stupid ignorant piece of shit.

They pulled a fast one on the union which needs to brush up on their mathematics. So when we get less than full coverage, it knocks down our coverage percent. On busy days when we have 400% or anything over 100%, we don’ t get credit. We can get 10 pieces of mail for every address and that is only 100%. So we can work like crazy on most days, get home so tired we cannot do anything at home. Then 1 or 2 days we get under 100% and boom route goes down. Seems to me we can only… Read more »

If you’re a union member, QUIT ASAP! File a PS Form 1188, Cancellation of Organization Dues from Payroll Withholdings, to cancel dues withholding.

My point is, he implements this shit and take money from us. He should not get bonus like he normally has every year. Why government allow this Postmaster General to take money from who really work. It’s disgusting and nothing happens. They put in our hands a form 4241 A with numbers that we don’t know where they came from. Base on algorisms math calculation Rural carrier get paid. I never see that even in the communism. Spend working 10+ years and put our live in risk everyday just to get cut pay. THIS IS OUR COMPENSATION FOR WORK MORE… Read more »

The PMG is no different than your typical Postmaster that never delivered a piece of mail. They have no clue about what we do, yet they think they know better than us and they think they know what our work is really worth.
The union is no better. A bunch of overfed, overpaid toads that piss away our dues money on meals, hotels and travel, and work overtime to screw us every chance they get.

Honestly I’m not even mad at DeJoy if it’s true that our Union and Arbitration set this up starting in 2012. I’m more upset that now looking back on it I only heard about this whole RRECS early 2020. I want to know why the Union wasn’t informing carriers years ago.

Here is the full testimony

Cut his pay and see how he likes it.