Rollover sends rural mail carrier to hospital

A rollover crash on Copperhead Road Tuesday afternoon involving a rural mail carrier required the jaws of life.Wapello County Sheriff Mark Miller said that the accident on the gravel road was a basic traffic accident where the driver likely lost control on the gravel, overcorrected and “ended up in this predicament.”Reports indicate the driver, an employee for the Ottumwa Post Office, was traveling west on Copperhead Road when she hit loose gravel, causing the vehicle to roll.Once she was extracted from the vehicle, others that were standing by quickly retrieved loose mail.”We’ll still get it delivered,” said acting Postmaster Mark Jones, adding that another carrier was on his way out to take care of the route. Jones said the accident would affect about 100 mail customers but that it would still be delivered by 5 p.m.He noted that the accident was a rare occurrence for the post office, stating that this was only the second rollover accident he’s seen in his 21 years with the postal service.

Source: Rollover sends rural mail carrier to hospital – Ottumwa Courier: Local News

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Hope the carrier is alright.

This job isn’t worth killing yourself, folks!

At least we’re not reading about another carrier being ejected because he/she wasn’t wearing their seat belt.

asshat PM “Jones said the accident would affect about 100 mail customers but that it would still be delivered by 5 p.m.”
apparently the PM doesnt give a shit if the carrier is dead or alive.

Matt Schultz thought the incidences of vehicle accidents was a driver issue. i would ask him to consider that perhaps the place to start looking at the % of instances is the postal management culture in the IA district. where safety and security is a non-priority next to making the numbers look good, rushing to get this done or that done. Rural carriers drive better than anyone on the road. we are professional drivers and skilled trades bargaining craftEdit (in 5 minutes) Ea Keith 2 minutes ago if you only knew….working for usps… your life is never as important as… Read more »

not a word on how the loose gravel road caused the loss of control and made the accident happen, or how the carrier is, just an acting asshat pm assuring all the mail would be delivered, and another rural carrier was rushing to the scene