RRECS article on Vice.com

Two-thirds of rural mail carriers nationwide are scheduled to be hit with a pay cut of thousands of dollars annually and may also be assigned more work days, due to the implementation of a new algorithm that determines their salary and work schedule.


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Ok ? And wat else is new this old news

Ooo it made it on vice news lol

Everybody know this but what they are going to do because this is offesive to all postal carriers. We spend more that 10 years working in bad weather, truck brokedown and everything for now to have a pay cut. That is how Post Office think save money? They should start checking post Master general check.

I’m a rural carrier and have worked for forty years, I’m never late and never call off and I’m always the first one to volunteer when they are short handed. When I received my route evaluation and went from a 44k down to a 44h which is six days a week, that was the last straw. I thought forty years of delivering a 96 mile rural route in all kinds of weather and going above and beyond the call of duty and this is how I’m treated. Well they can kiss my ass. I’ve wasted nearly two thirds of my… Read more »

RCA’s got Flint Tropics’ed

If everyone is doing the work in a right and safety way, scanning, mapping, and to remind everyone that because of the union we are having COLA and other benefits that us don’t see it. Be in touch with union and be part of. Don’t forget “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” I bet that most of rural carriers don’t know or never read one single page of our contract.Attend union meetings and educate your self and inform your co -workers. To be united is better than to be alone.

I’m so sick and tired of people squalling about pay cuts while they’ve been getting done at noon and are paid for 9 hours. I’ve been delivering 2 and 3 times the volume for the last 3 years since Covid and haven’t had an evaluation til now, I gained over 10 hours and am extremely overburdened. The union needs to quit screwing around and let me get paid for the work I f’n do! Y’all complainers need to grow your route and suck it up like me and my coworkers have done the last 3 dang years!

Blue we all had Amazon packages that were to the top of the roof of our truck and usps didn’t want to do evaluation. But some zip codes have zero on their form 4241A CR flats(case random flats) that’s all the flats we get, WSS it’s coverage had 4-7minutes. After their second 4241A form release all our routes evaluation stayed the same, but parcel time on the street and accountable mail went down from 60-100 minutes. How is it possible? Not all of us comeback by noon. Only people who won’t look at forwards, pull keys from parcel lockers, won’t… Read more »

We need to push the union to scrap the withdrawal process from the 10 day window prior to your anniversary date to a simple 60 day notice. If 10,000 of us give notice all at the same time, it equals $8,000,000/year in lost dues. Anymore it seems like it will take something that drastic to get the top brass to grow a pair and do their job!

Ok its May 5th and we havent heard whether this RRECS is going through or being delayed, again, instead of CANCELLED! My route still 45k to 41j when it was an overburdened route. No change in my 4241. WTF????? I want some FUCKIN answers!!!