RRECS Evaluation Poll Results


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This y’all need to fix the CBU question

i went from a 43k to 40k, my route should have gone up at least two hours or more. i have 3 buggy of AMAZON PARCELS every day. F… the post office and the union. ILL NEVER JOIN THE THAT SOFT ASS KISSING UNION. The heads of the union need to FIRED VOTED OUT ECTT.. ASAP FOR AGREEING TO THIS SHIT

I agree the CBU question needs to be changed, needs to be less .
Amazon office, 16 routes , 11 busted , 4 gained and 1 dropped an hour.
All still K routes.

This whole thing is a joke…I want to know why any of the out going mail we picked up was not added in to our letter count at the end of the day…why pick it up if your not counting it…we touch it it needs to be counted…I want my final number count not everything switched to minutes…where is all that information at… inaccuracies all over the place…I use to love this job…not anymore…it just causes more stress, work(because we have no RCAs) and anxiety…stick all this where the sun don’t shine and I am pulling out of the union… Read more »

Went from 47k to 43k; working 2-3 hours per day MORE than 3 months ago; 15 years total, 7.5 as regular; likely going to quit

Yes, cbu needs an under 100 option

Was a 45k @54hrs went to a 48k @62hrs. You have to map correctly and scan packages at the door.

Went up from 38A to 46A/42J

Did anyone notice your volume factor was 0

1 route went from 43 to 45K. The other 8 were 40K to 46K and are now all 48ks. Standard hours on those 8 48Ks range from 61 – 77 hours. Looks like 2-3 more routes if they are all cut to 43Ks eventually. Most routes in this area went up, wayyyyyyyy up.

Amazon dumps 12-20 pallets a day for those 9 routes. They are all CBU. Amazon does not deliver around here. This is also an area that is growing rapidly.

Went from a 48k to 44h. No way possible

What is CR Flats(case random flats). Where are they come from?

Why is Amazon dictating whether we gain or lose money? Amazon could stop dropping at every office, then what? We all lose!! The time standards are horrible. The blame should be pointed to whomever agreed to them or didn’t have a backbone. Bottom line!!

All CBU routes went down by 4 to 20 hours per week generally. All stop and hop gained multiple hours. Stop and hop are the closest routes in our office by far. And they generally go home after about 5 or 6 hours per day. Now under rrecs they’re considered overburdened…

What is route coverage ? Mine said 77%. I went from a 43k to a 43j

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46k to overburdened 61+. was going to post on reddit about parcel volumes, load times and EOS times but that was not allowed

My route went from a 48k to a 41j. This is bullshit

Out of 28 roughts in my office all but six dropped to h or j roughts

EAS employees should not get merit bonuses either. We make them look good by doing our jobs. Why do we have to suffer? Yet they get to keep their salaries and bonuses. I went from a 44K to a 41H – not right!!!

I believe that the routes that went up were actually based on the overall daily time for the routes. The more time the carrier took in a day the higher the eval, the faster the carrier was the eval went down….that is just my 2 cents

My rought went from a 45k to a 39h

I don’t think it matters how long we took on the route. because two of the routes that still kept their time or went up by an hour, in my office one 47k and a 48k, they pretty much finished the same time I finish and I was a 41k but I went down to 43h

Does anyone know if you get time for parcel lockers it used to be like 3 min

My route went up 1 hour, I have been doing my scans since the beginning of March 2022. I have a CMRA (Postal Center) that has 75-100 pick ups 6 days a week. My end of day is usually over 30 minutes because I do dispatch all of my parcels. My load time says 19 minutes and I have never loaded my truck un under 35 minutes. We have service talks almost every day and I have O time for that! I am requesting RIMS paper work for the time I was out on workers comp (3 months) because management… Read more »

We are fools for paying union dues! We all lost while higher ups in the union get 48k pay to do nothing for us. Get out of the union!

It’s very difficult, if not impossible to get out of the union. It has to be done just right or it’s a no go, and u can only try once a year.

Let’s all stage a walk out next week. Pick a day and just not show up to work. I’m thinking the Saturday coming up when it’s suppose to take effect. Let’s show them who really makes this company work .

Mine went from 39 to 31. 20% less pay for the same work… some hard decisions are going to have to be made.

I went from a 46k to a 45k. Usually the first back in my office. 3-4 hr delivery. I don’t think actual delivery time matters. Even if you have have no mail for a box, stop at that box. Union douche told me that during mapping.

Routes are all over the place in my office. But majority lost. I went from a 44k to a 36h. I have been doing all my entry’s correctly since the beginning.

The fact that it says there is a 0 volume factor what the heck is that

I was at 61+ but route dropped from 48k to 45k

So when I first took over the route 3 years ago it was a 43j. About a month ago it was dropped down to a 41k because they got rid of fss supposedly. Today I was told the route is now a 38h. So I lost 3 more hour and gained another day to work. Please tell me this is not real life.

I went from a 43K to a 43J, so basically I have to work an extra day for the exact same pay

Playing favoritism in our office isn’t cool on this evaluation. All routes between 40H through 42J. Only 3-4 routes were 45K and one 48K (this route was 61+ overburdened) Post Master did the count and had no other person count. We never seen the numbers for 2 weeks. Today is the first time seeing any type of numbers. 45K to 42J (30 Dismounts but on the sheet 2 Dismounts) 0 Volume Factor. Many routes aren’t mapped and no numbers were put into the system. What do you think everyone can do about this?

Everyone in ELkhorn office in Sacramento, CA got 0 minutes on CR Flats, 4-7 minutes on WSS flats and letters. Royal oaks, Sacramento got 90-130 minutes on the same thing. Packages, loading time is similar. And most of the routs at Royal Oak are 48k. and we at ELkhorn went from 45-46k to 41k or 42h and some J because we got 0 on those flats. We had flats.

Did anyone get DPS letter case time? All carriers in my office case our DPS but none got time for it. If I got only that, my route would gain 2 hours

my request is that the union would get the post office. Management to do a old school mail count where we count every piece of mail. use the old standards and compare it against the new mail count so we can see where the discrepancy’s are. we had people loose over 10 hours and that’s not right went from 46k to 42j.

Lost 3 hours on a route that was vacant through the entire data collection process til January… Still no recourse for me, I just have to get paid based on the work of subs splitting a route.

We need a system that is transparent, if they are going to use the scanner for what we do every day , they need to provide us with a way of verifying all the information that is input day by day , monthly or weekly, we need the proper training on the use of the scanner , this is a low ball so they can negotiate our salaries , most of use are very invested into this job. We do it fast because most of us struggle with a pain in our body somewhere and we don’t ride the clock… Read more »

There is no additional time to case DPS letters, it is at the carriers discretion.

The allowance for parcel lockers are out the window…previous allowance was 2 mins./wk per locker. The hardest routes that took a hit were the route with apartments. Also remember that fixed allowances like stamp stock 20 mins./wk, personal time or washup time 30 mins/wk, and vehicle inpection 30 mins/wk and not around anymore. Alot of our allowances under the old way have diminished in the RRECS system!!! 47K to 36H!!! Expected a sizable decrease, but not 21hrs a wk!!! Something is wrong with the data collected over the last 52 weeks!

If there is no time for casing DPS letters, why is there a line, “case dps letters” with an allowance factor of .0294 standard minutes?

I gained 12 hours. 47K to 48K. Was thorough and consistent since day 1 about catching everything. I stopped at all my stops with or without mail and went beyond the 6 required scans. I find the carriers who took RRECS serious from the beginning did well.

Can anyone explain if stops affect rt. Eval…for 50 years a mobile home park has 4 boxes on a post about a foot apart..they used to have their own stop as it was a rule in older contracts..now this grouping thinng cut my 775 stops to 300…would that make the route go down or no..nobody can seem to answer this or how to group correctly..i mapped it perfect..then while on vacay management regrouped them as 1 stop for each group of 4…you cant reach the other boxes when pulled up to them..how does this make sense? I swear to God… Read more »

Eric- to answer your question, any boxes within 5 feet apart get grouped as a stop, if they are on the same post then the mail boxes are grouped as well. So they were correct to group it as a stop. You get creep time with grouped deliveries. Hope this helps.

To everyone- stay positive and be informed. Take that knowledge and execute.

I have a 120 mile route with 364 curb boxes. I service three zip codes and never finish one before going to another so it’s very hard to take my dps to the street. I used to get sector-segment for the to smaller volumes and dps for the largest. I change zips 15 times a day so it’s a nightmare to not case. I case in two offices and have a locked pouch to a RPO and got no credit for that and no withdrawal time.

No strike ability makes this union useless and puts every thing in management’s favor