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RRECS Implementation Postponed

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Today, the NRLCA and the Postal Service agreed to postpone the implementation of the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System. The Mini Mail Survey scheduled to begin September 10, 2022 has been cancelled.

The reason for the postponement is simple. The Postal Service has failed to provide this Union will the data necessary to validate the RRECS system’s data collection and route evaluation calculations. This validation was mandated to be accomplished to the satisfaction of both parties by the Engineering Panel, before RRECS is implemented.

Despite the Union’s filing of a Step 4 Grievance on May 23, 2022 insisting that the Panel’s Final Determination be followed and data be provided for validation, as of today, the Union has still not been provided key data points, such as pre-sorted flats.

We understand that the reaction to this postponement will certainly be mixed. However, your NRLCA National Board was faced with no choice but to delay implementation and possible negative changes to the paychecks of thousands of rural carriers based on hidden data sources and untested processes.

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