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RRECS Q and A at the National Convention

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When will the evaluations and intern adjustment become effective?

Discussion will be held between the union and the postal service.. Some of what your asking I cannot answer. (Dwyer)

Panel laid out procedure that will track the changes and when you get the required bank time you will receive the new evaluation. (Mericle)

Are EOR reports going to resolve the flutters issue?

We don’t know the answer to that. (Dwyer)

Could the counts be randomized on the mini counts?

Being discussed-we don’t know. (Dwyer)

Does the MDD know when your between boxes and when you are stopped at boxes?

Yes. (Mericle)

Added to question: I have 3 times I disappear for 30 minutes.

The MDD will still accumulate the data and hopefully dump it at the end of the day. (Mericle)

How will getting the credit for coverage for hold mail & temporarily away work under the system?

All of the above are under discussion. (Dwyer)

Did you receive comparison between our current system verses the evaluated system?

The information is not complete enough to compare right now. Have not done it yet for the whole system because not enough information to complete a comparison yet. (Mericle)

EOR report is very inaccurate anyway to improve this?

Very rare. When you count DPS to EOR it is very consistent. (Dwyer) When there were differences it usually benefitted the carrier. (Mericle)

Part of the problem is when it is being pulled before it was done. (Dwyer)

Nothing is shown that shows differences in POV/LLV/RHD. Is that something that was considered?

Yes, in many different standards like loading vehicle. Built in pretty much throughout the system. (Mericle)

Hard to find because it is throughout the system. (Dwyer)

Is there an oversight committee to make sure system is fair?

Discussion of Oversight Committee and Implementation committee. (Dwyer)

How is the coverage going to work if can’t service all of route due to weather issue?

Exceptional basis day should be thrown out. ( Mericle)

I don’t believe those days will be counted. There is going to have to be a discussion. (Dwyer)

Presort flats and election mail, will I be allowed to verify my daily count numbers for the day to make sure management gave me the proper credit?

I cannot tell you that you will be able to do that. There will be people in the union that can see the data and oversee it. I’m not sure they will be open every day but will be open to the union. (Dwyer)

Mini mail count, why don’t you use DUVRS?

DUVRS wasn’t very accurate. (Mericle)

The print report that is on the MDD scanner. Why can’t I print that and that way I can compare my years numbers?

We’re talking with them about that. (Dwyer)

Delivered to door/residence has different time standards. How is it goin to average out when I have to go to the door but don’t have a scannable item?

Door is considered to be a large parcel. Time is also coded for office time and then the medium and small boxes that can be cased in the office or put in tubs…not a perfect process but…….I don’t know if I am understanding the question. (Mericle)

Info will go out to the academy. When they get it once its implemented. (Dwyera)

Why does this not include the 4 weeks around Christmas?

I think that the main thought on that and if you base the route on a high volume from just the Christmas season it is not a true average of the year. (Mericle)

We have Christmas Over Time and other issues that go into determination as well. (Dwyer)

3 point turns and U turns, what is their time value? And why don’t we have all the information on the study?

Those represent a stop points at much lower drivers speed. (Mericle)

We don’t have a problem putting the whole thing out. We can certainly send it out. It mostly because of the amount of data. A lot of data! We gave out pertinent information. It is pages and pages of just data. (Dwyer)

DPS standard is it broke down to what you have to pull out? Raw mail is a capture in the mail count?

You get counted and credited for that during the mail count.

Have you ever considered not being under the evaluation system at all?

Not at all. (Dwyer)

Both sides have to accept but can be recommended to change down the road. (Mericle)

Who is maintaining and inputting data? Is it no longer under an incentive?

USPS maintaining and imputing data. Going to favor some and not others. More incentives in this system verses that last system. (Dwyer)

Was an incentive system. We hoped it would be designed that effort and desire would keep incentive. The craft as a whole will have more incentive then current system. (Mericle)

How will late trucks, late express, and waiting time be figured into the system?

Waiting time is actual time.
This does not affect current agreements and Step 4’s. (Dwyer)

If the office moves furniture or parking spots moved where is that in the studies? Will we have an opportunity to remap?

Yes, we can remap. (Dwyer)

The information is compiled year long? How will we know when we might need to prepare for a personal financial situation due to the route dropping? And what about carriers not following the instructions of the system?

Will do the best we can. Will train the carriers! (Dwyer)

I saw a lack of knowledge with the carriers coming in the office to do their mapping. They did not know what they were doing.

There will be joint training and joint meetings.

This system will not be any different than the last system. If you don’t read the PO603 your not going to know what your suppose to do. (Dwyer)

Mile standard on interval. Is that set by carrier or RCA or the occasional day where they may speed?

The study is based on a whole year and includes regular carriers and RCA’s. The 30 MPH standard starts at 30 MPH maxes out at 39 MPH. There may exist somewhere in the system where your standard speed is higher then the speed limit. Calculating data of millions of numbers so a few issues will not effect numbers. (Mericle)

What about seasonal routes, was it considered in the study?

Yes. That is built into the system. Stops will only be on curb routes not NDBCU’s. Seasonal addresses will disappear. (Mericle)

Have a committee working on seasonal routes right now to see how it affects this system. (Dwyer)

This system is what it is. If someone doesn’t make the scans that day we miss that day. If you scan all your scans at one time it sticks out in the data. (Mericle)

How will going to the door with no scan be credited?

Introduced a new scan for going to the door with no scannable item. (Mericle)

How often is salary goin to change?

We look at maybe one to two times a year. (Dwyer)

When you split a route how will that data be credited?

Going to depend on how the RCA’s scanned. That data would be dropped for the day. (Dwyer)

Late trucks?

Issue we need to bring up with postal service. (Dwyer)

Scanning clarification.

Scan at point of delivery is to be completed at door. (Dwyer)

Missing values?

Annual data will adjust for missing days and readjust the average. (Mericle)

Can you have management add box holders if you forgot the day prior?

You go to management to have them add and I don’t see why they wouldn’t. (Dwyer)

(From fellow carrier at mic) Carriers need to:
Follow line of travel.
Take scanners to the doors. Read State/National magazines. Scan at point of delivery.

Will management make determination of cell size? Will it affect standards?

Standard is based on 6 shelf casing. (Dwyer)

Scan point at door and finish while walking to car, will that affect the credit you receive?

You will still get credit.


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