RRECS updated timeline

The message to our HQ:

This message was sent to the District Managers this afternoon at 6:46 PM.    The NRLCA had no input other than to receive it.

Subject: RRECs

District Managers,

As we work towards our first National RRECS implementation, based on recommendations from our CIO group, we will use this week to review the logic of the system. Therefore, in partnership with the NRLCA, we have decided to adjust our timelines as follows:

  1. 4/1: PS 4241A forms available to provide to carrier
  2. 4/8: First RRECS pay period (Pay Period 9) begins
  3. 4/21: First RRECS pay period (Pay Period 9) ends
  4. 4/28: First RRECS paycheck

Further information will be forthcoming.


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April fools day sounds fitting. This is not the post office I hired into 25 years ago, we the carriers are the face of the post office , no carriers, no mail gets delivered. All sounds like a plan to finally privitiz. Mass exodus when we all leave good luck to you. We have delivered massive amounts during covid when the rest of the world shut down and Amazon. Most of which was 70 lbs. And here we still are. We did all that for free. Our bodies are tired and broken, and here we are…. until April fools. Hope… Read more »

Google Louis DeJoy and his brother Dominick. No need to say more.

Wrecks is only the tip! Why is net to bank/allocations still not available? I am having an allotment taken out that should have ended a month ago and hr nor Eagan can do anything or have any idea to when it will be fixed. From the horses…..mouth!

Wait what? In partnership with the union? What about greiveance???

Our office is not an office that is on top of all this crap! Our management team never trained us on these scanners, just handed them to us and said they are self explanatory. Find out now that there were 5 training steps to be walked through to be properly trained. Glad there is a step 4 grievance in place, since none of our figures go back a year because we didn’t learn that we needed to be inputting all the information that we need to do everyday until the count training class. So our figures are not accurate for… Read more »