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Rural Carrier academy Update 10/28/2019

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The USPS HQ Learning and Development has notified the field that the revised Rural Academy curriculum and associated materials are available for use and are to be implemented no later than November 1, 2019.

Standard Training for Rural Carriers has been updated.

Included updates:

Material has been organized to allow for added hands-on practice and a union presentation unit.
Modules have been rearranged; however, content is consistent with the original training.
Content changes include aviation security, heat stress and heat illness, and updated forms and labels.
“These updates were completed in a partnership with headquarters Labor relations, Delivery Operations, the NRLCA, and Academy trainers from across the Country.

The material is not drastically different from the previous version of the course and there will be no additional training required for Academy Instructors to utilize the new curriculum.

Currently on-hand training guides may be used but all academies must implement the new course no later than November 1, 2019. Materials are available to MLDD’s and may be downloaded from HERO or Training Materials Download.”

The NRLCA has been working closely with Postal Service HQ to improve the curriculum at the training academies and we express our thanks to all of the Academy trainers who worked to improve the materials that are finally released to be used nationally in all Rural Carrier training academies.

Academy trainers should direct questions regarding accessing the materials and the accompanying Power Point to the MLDD in your district.

Your National Board

Academy Update 10/28/2019

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