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Rural carrier aids toddler, dog, wandering far from home

heroRobertParnell_RightAlignd-storyRural Carrier Robert Parnell was recently delivering mail in Sturgeon, MO, when he came upon a 2-year-girl and her dog as they were walking by themselves along a railroad track.

Parnell immediately stopped to check on the toddler, who was crying and said she was lost.

The Postal Service employee called 911 and comforted the child until the sheriff arrived on the scene.

Her parents were located in their home over a mile away. Each thought the other was looking after her, and she was reunited with them.

“I am very grateful that Robert found this child and that she is safe,” said David Dopler, the local postmaster.

“I just did what I thought was right,” Parnell said.

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