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Rural Carrier celebrated for 55 years of post office service in Martinton, IL

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5a8c4213befec.imageJohn Moore, of Martinton, hasn’t stopped working in 55 years at the Martinton Post Office on West Main Street — not even during the surprise gathering to celebrate his years of service, this past Friday morning.

Moore, 75, started his Friday morning, unsuspecting as always, by arriving to work at 8 a.m. and helping the postmaster.

While photographs still were being taken and conversation was abuzz, Moore greeted a few residents of Martinton as he gave them their mail.

 Moore started working at the post office in 1963 when he was 20 years old, as a mail carrier sub for his father, Harold, and he joined the National Rural Letter Carrier Association five years later.

“I’d been sorting mail since I was 17 whether anyone knew it or not,” he recalled.

It’s been a family affair at the Martinton Post Office for the Moore family. His father worked as a carrier for 46 years. Together, they have a combined 102 years at the post office. Moore’s wife of 54 years, Judy, worked as an office clerk at the post office for one year.

The rural post office in Martinton had been housed in various buildings, until a new brick building was built in 1960. That building still stands today.

Moore’s rural carrier route services 256 people, and he drives a burgundy, Chevrolet Lumina on his route.

Before the times of seat belts, Moore drove a 1958, two-door Ford hardtop.

 “It was a runner, and it would scream from Ashkum back to Martinton,” he said.

Moore has kept every pay stub since 1963 when he began earning $300 per week and 12 cents per mile. At that time, he also was working as a barber, cutting hair for $1.25.

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