Rural Carrier contract approved by the membership

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Pursuant to Article XI, Section 4 of the NRLCA Constitution, the Ratification Committee has completed the tabulation of ballots and reports that the 2015-2018 NRLCA-USPS Tentative National Agreement has been RATIFIED by a vote of 16,739 to 3,368, or 83 percent voting in favor of ratification. A more detailed report from the Ratification Committee will be posted on the NRLCA website shortly and in the next available edition of The National Rural Letter Carrier.

Download the approved contract here

Source: News Info

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Angela Carter Roberson

So when does the raise go in effect

Amberly Gunter


Colleen Daves


Kenneth Pendleton

The fact that this is misspelled is funny

Drew Brazzle

Nichole Garule, Tracy Cabiness, what does this mean?

Drew Brazzle

What raise are you referring to?

Crystal Ann LaForce

We’re screwed..

Jennifer Smiley

Wtf. No one reads anymore?! Thank you for those that voted yes, you have officially effed up our pay….

Stephen Focht


Ed Zombirt

I never even got a ballot

Angela Carter Roberson

Naw not cola hire date was March 2014

David Backer

Are you a union member?

David Backer

People are bad mouthing people for accepting the contract well we could have voted it down and spend another year trying to come to an agreement and still end up with the same or less. I’m happy with it I have worked several jobs and worked a whole lot harder for a lot less money. Where can you go and make $50K+ with no degree? I can’t where I live. If people are so discourage with their jobs maybe they should look elsewhere for a career.

Carol Cummings

That sucks!!!!

Tina Marie Greiner

I never did either-yes I’m union member

Jennifer Smiley

It’s people like you who are willing to sit back and be complacent with what you’re presented with instead of fighting. Your $50k plus without a degree will be LESS now and you will work MORE. Smh….

JB Seitz

83%… Hmmm, overwhelming majority vote. So something must have made sense.

Dianne Daley

Well when have we not been screwed by arbitration in recent times?

Gary Smith

I don’t know if it is a good or bad contract but I am sure the leaders in the NRLCA got the best contract they could. Our backs are against the wall on this. We are facing a Congress that is openly hostile to unions plus various other factors so I know we didn’t get everything we wanted or needed. I hope the next one is a lot better.

David Backer

Explain how I am going to do more work?? I went through count and didn’t lose. I’m still a 42J it’s rare I ever work over my evaluated time.

David Backer

I know the people in my office that voted against it was the people that lost on the count. There will be no count for 2 years so if you lost your stuck.

Krissy Booth

When will this take effect?

Ed Zombirt

David Backer yes

Tabitha Gray

That’s not usually the case for everyone. Most people lost during mail count and lots of people go over their evaluation daily

Marc Carlson

RCA’s can no longer lock down on Aux routes

Dan Pettey

less than 20% member voting that is a shame

Jake Dallman

I am with you. Thankful for what I have. Given the state of things I don’t think we were going to do any better.

Teri Slavik

Majority rules. Like it or not, we’re stuck. Just like we were stuck with the president for 8 years.

Shanon Grammer

What do you think tony?

William Mcintyre

Do a review

Jackie Lewis

So what would that mean exactly?

Marc Carlson

Jackie Lewis Until now RCA,s could lock down on an aux route 5 days – primary or 6 days and nothing else . Not anymore

David Backer

I rather have Obama for 4 more years than Trump!

Teri Slavik

David Backer – just sayin’. I did my part- I voted. Gotta live with it

Sean Rost

Where does it say that? Everything I read said they could and would be able to not be forced in on Sunday Amazon or holiday Amazon.

Marc Carlson

I am talking about helping out on other routes that need assistance …. No more ….RCA!s lost that benefit and be it anywhere management see’s fit

Sean Rost

What are you talking about? They didn’t take away the RCAs ability to boost other routes just because they are on a hold down on an auxiliary route. What benefit are you speaking of? If the routes are evaluated properly and the carrier is doing their job properly there should be no need for boosts.

Marc Carlson

Sean , RCA can assign themselves to an aux route 5 days and 1 day on primary or 6 days – and and do not have to give assistance on other routes In the office , New contract states RCA’s can no longer do this .. This for splitting up routes , call in sick or what ever

Adam Percival

Same here

Adam Percival

Never got my ballot…

Lisa Ann Cogan

Yep. Last time we voted down, we were screwed worse than if we had excepted it. Especially now that the PO is crying over lost stamp monies.

Lisa Ann Cogan

Only 1 in our office, that I know of (he called in a few days). I gained over 5 hours.

Lisa Ann Cogan

Always possible in September…

Lisa Ann Cogan

That WAS in the old contract, yet nobody in our office would uphold it. Mgmt forced them to go out & assist anyways.

Gerry Nance

Yeah tony, what do you think.

Gerry Nance

RCA? There won’t be any more RCA’s they will be all replaced by those new positions 83% of you all created. But I only have a few more years left. So go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot. Some day you can look back, shake your head and ask what the F happened.

James Louch

Whoever voted for this contract is a fool

Pamela Cooper

Anytime we go to arbitration, we get screwed mor

Marc Carlson

Evidently no one had balls in your office , sad

Marc Carlson

Gerry Nance , i am sure you have no idea what you are talking about when you say … you all created , you’ve probably never been union in your life and free load