Rural Carrier dies in crash hours before retirement

On April 21, during one of the season’s last winter storms, Ken Anderson was out working his final day of carrying mail before retiring. During his route, he hit slush on the road, rolled his jeep into the ditch and was ejected. He was alive long enough to call 911, but all the dispatch heard was him saying, “help me.”

Coworkers left flowers and a flag at the scene to remember him.

“He enjoyed his job, that’s for sure,” Judy Anderson said.

“I figure that he had four hours left in his shift, (before retiring),” Judy Anderson said

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Such a shame he never got to experience retirement. Absolutely heartbreaking

My deepest sympathy for the family. This really hits home, I’ll be retiring myself the 30th of June. Thank goodness I’m on sick leave until then and I’m being extra careful.

Jesus owes him an extra nice cloud. Preferably one without a mailbox.