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Rural carrier ensures customer’s safety

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heroMargaretWard RightAlignd storyRural Carrier Margaret Ward was recently making deliveries in Church Hill, TN, when she caught sight of an 85-year-old customer lying in a driveway and waving for help.

The woman did not want Ward to call 911 at first; she just wanted help getting up.

Ward persuaded the customer to remain still, placed a pillow under her head and asked whom she could contact for her. The woman suggested a neighbor who could reach her son.

Ward called 911, spoke with the neighbor and tried to keep the customer calm until the ambulance arrived.

A paramedic asked Ward if she was a nurse.

“I’m the mail lady,” she responded.

It turned out that the woman had broken her hip.

The customer was taken to a hospital, where she remained for several weeks.

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