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Rural carrier helps customer found in road

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HeroAllisonBundy storyRural Carrier Associate Allison Bundy was recently delivering mail in Throckmorton, TX, when she spotted an older customer lying face down in the middle of a road.

Bundy pulled over and checked on the woman, whom she recognized. She helped the woman get back on her feet and to safety.

The customer, whose face was injured, declined Bundy’s offer to call 911. She asked that a nearby friend be contacted instead.

The Postal Service employee made the call and stayed on the scene until the friend arrived and drove the woman to a hospital.

Bundy later learned that the woman had suffered a stroke, which caused her to fall while walking back from a shop.

“The town of Throckmorton is very fortunate to have a Postal Service employee like Allison. She’s very caring and empathetic to mankind,” said Postmaster Krista Nixon.

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