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Rural Carrier helps customer hurt near golf course

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Rural Carrier Sarah Hogan was recently making deliveries in a Jacksonville, NC, neighborhood adjacent to a golf course when she heard someone yelling for help.

Unsure where the voice was coming from, Hogan asked a customer for input.

They soon located a 63-year-old neighbor who had fallen off a ladder while cleaning siding on her home, leaving her with a broken bone sticking out through her skin.

Hogan immediately called 911 and remained on the scene until paramedics arrived and rushed the woman to a trauma center 60 miles away in Wilmington.

She is recovering from the injury, which required surgical placement of two plates and 10 screws to repair the fracture.

“The customer said she kept praying to let the wind carry her cries for help and Sarah was her answer,” said local Officer in Charge Matthew Whaley.

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