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Rural carrier helps customer recover from fall

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Rural Carrier Lisa Ann Wagner was making deliveries at a home in Kerrville, TX, when she noticed the customer’s mail starting to pile up.

Wagner grew concerned because she knew the woman lived alone and had minimal contact with her neighbors and family. The Postal Service employee tried contacting the customer by phone and text, but the woman did not respond.

Wagner later returned to the residence with her husband to check on the customer. The couple heard a cry for help from inside the home and called 911.

Responders found the woman immobile on the floor and dehydrated after being stranded for days because of a fall. She was taken to a hospital, where she had surgery for a broken hip.

According to John Rios, a local customer services supervisor, Wagner visited the customer daily in the hospital. The woman has since been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery.

“Since the ordeal, the customer has made a new effort to make friends in her neighborhood. The incident has changed her life for the better,” said Rios.

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