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Rural Carrier Hero: Kim Rodrigues, Hudson, NH

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Kim Rodrigues was used to exchanging a “hello” or a wave with a favorite customer whenever she delivered his mail. But that didn’t happen one day recently when she saw him motionless on his lawn mower.

The Hudson, NH, rural carrier instantly knew something was wrong.

Rodrigues approached the man and found him semiconscious and incoherent, so she went to his house and alerted his wife, who called 911.

In a letter to the local Postmaster, the customer’s wife wrote that without Rodrigues’ actions, “my husband would have been in big trouble. I truly believe she saved his life.”

She added, “I can only hope that the rest of your employees are as observant and willing to take a moment from their hectic day to do the same.”


Employees featured in “Heroes’ corner” also receive letters of commendation through the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program. The nomination form is available on Blue.

Source: Kim Rodrigues, Hudson, NH | USPS News Link

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