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Rural Carrier Hero: Lesley Greenwell, Pocatello, ID

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Pocatello, ID, Rural Carrier Lesley Greenwell was on her route recently when she spotted a truck engulfed in flames.

Greenwell stopped to see if the occupants needed help. They told her they were okay but had no cell phone reception, so Greenwell drove to the nearest house and asked the resident to call 911.

Greenwell then returned to the accident scene and waited with the victims until emergency responders arrived.

Customer Services Supervisor Clara Sutherland praised Greenwell for doing “a great job delivering the mail” and also serving as a rural route instructor and local union steward.

Employees featured in “Heroes’ corner also receive letters of commendation through the Postmaster General Heroes’ program. The nomination form is available on Blue.

Source: Lesley Greenwell, Pocatello, ID | USPS News Link

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