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Rural Carrier Hero: Minette Hess, Mount Vernon, OH

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The cries of “Help me! Help me!” were faint but distinct as Rural Carrier Minette Hess recently delivered mail to a home in Mount Vernon, OH.

She looked around and saw customer Brian Boggs pinned beneath an SUV in his driveway. He had been working on the vehicle when it slipped out of gear and rolled onto him.

Hess exited her postal vehicle and ran to assist Boggs, but she was unable to free him on her own.

She then went to his residence and alerted his wife and his daughter-in-law to the emergency.

Together, the women were able to roll the SUV off of Boggs, who was rushed to a hospital for treatment of a broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder, breathing difficulties and other injuries.

A week later, the Boggs family threw a surprise birthday party for Hess to express their gratitude for her assistance.

Source: Minette Hess, Mount Vernon, OH | USPS News Link

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