Rural Carrier Hero: Paul Littrell, Clearfield, UT 

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A Utah man’s recent lunch break left him with a broken ankle, a concussion — and a heart full of gratitude for the postal employee who heard him crying out for help.

Harold Muir was home from work when he decided to clear some fishing gear out of his boat parked in the driveway. He was descending the ladder when he missed a step, caught his foot between the rungs and fell backward, striking his head on the pavement.

As he came to his senses, his pleas for assistance were heard by Rural Carrier Paul Littrell, who had just delivered mail and was driving away.

The yelling didn’t alarm him at first, but “something” made him turn around to investigate, he told the Standard-Examiner newspaper.

He found Muir in a pool of blood, shaking from possible shock.

Littrell called 911 and rendered first aid until emergency responders arrived.

Muir’s wife later wrote a note to Littrell, expressing the family’s thanks and calling him “an angel in the flesh.”

“Paul takes pride in knowing all his customers, and he always goes above and beyond to take care of them,” Clearfield Postmaster Jim Stephens said.

Source: Paul Littrell, Clearfield, UT | USPS News Link

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