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Rural Carrier heroes across the country

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Bridget Lipp, Abrams, WI

Rural Carrier Associate Bridget Lipp was delivering mail in March on an isolated dead-end road in Abrams, WI, when she spotted a 95-year-old customer, Alma Rowell, on the ground outside her home.

Lipp rushed to aid Rowell, who had been stranded in 18-degree temperatures for two hours after falling while shoveling snow.

The Postal Service employee got Rowell into her home and called her son-in-law, Jim Gatz, who soon arrived to provide further assistance.

Gatz later mailed a letter to the local Post Office.

“I am convinced that had Bridget not been there at the right time, this would have had a much worse outcome,” Gatz wrote. “The Rowell family and I are extremely grateful for the help Bridget provided and for her being so conscientious.”

Rowell, whose injuries required treatment at a local hospital, is recovering.


Cedric Moore, Antioch, TN

Rural Carrier Associate Cedric Moore was recently delivering mail in Antioch, TN, when he spotted flames shooting out of a home’s roof.

Moore stopped, called 911 and rushed to the front door to alert anyone who may have been inside.

A woman soon emerged, unaware of the danger, but an older man was reluctant to leave.

Firefighters soon arrived to battle the blaze, and the man was safely evacuated from the residence.

Taking the time to get involved, Moore said later, “was the right thing to do.”


Tracey Swain, Rochelle, GA

Rural Carrier Tracey Swain was delivering a package in Rochelle, GA, on a cold, wet day last December when she heard a customer screaming for help.

Swain rushed to aid the woman, who had fallen outside behind her home and dislocated her shoulder.

The Postal Service employee phoned the customer’s nephew, who soon arrived to provide further assistance.

The woman, who was hospitalized for several days, later contacted the Rochelle Post Office to thank Swain for her help.

“Tracey treats all her customers well and we consistently receive compliments on her service,” said Postmaster Kerry McBryde


Tara Hanson, Big Lake, MN

Rural Carrier Tara Hanson was delivering a package to a residence in Big Lake, MN, on a January day when she encountered a boy outside in subzero temperatures.

Hanson expressed concern for the lad, who was inadequately dressed for the weather, and he told her he had locked himself out while home alone.

The Postal Service employee sheltered the boy in her vehicle, tried unsuccessfully to contact his mother by phone and located a neighbor who could watch over him until the woman could be reached.

“As cold as it was, Tara’s actions could very well have saved this child from severe frostbite or worse,” said Big Lake Postmaster Kelly Johnson.


Michaela Akers, Princeton, IN

Rural Carrier Associate Michaela Akers was recently delivering mail at an apartment complex in Princeton, IN, when she heard someone yelling for help.

Akers quickly located the site of the crisis: a unit where a customer had fallen, hit his head on his kitchen counter and couldn’t get up.

The Postal Service employee immediately called 911 and stayed on the scene to keep the man alert.

Paramedics soon arrived to treat the customer’s injuries.

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