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Rural Carrier Heroes: James Hinkle, Sherrard, IL and Pamela Mullen, Ashmore, IL

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James Hinkle, Sherrard, IL

Sherrard, IL, Rural Carrier James Hinkle was on his route when he saw a house on fire. He called 911 and ran to the house to alert the residents, who escaped unharmed. Firefighters arrived and put out the blaze.

Pamela Mullen, Ashmore, IL

Ashmore, IL, Rural Carrier Pamela Mullen became concerned when she noticed a customer hadn’t collected his mail in several days. She asked a neighbor to call emergency responders, who entered the house and discovered the man had died. Later that day, Mullen assisted another customer who had fallen and needed help getting back to her feet.

via USPS News Link – Heroes Corner Archive – March 2015.

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