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Rural Carrier Heroes: Joan Oehlers, Temperance, MI and Michelle Ramer, Muscatine, IA

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Temperance, MI, Rural Carrier Joan Oehlers was concerned by the sight of two loose dogs running in and out of traffic. She notified the nearest neighbor, who turned out to be the dogs’ owner. The woman later contacted the local Postmaster to express appreciation, explaining that the dogs were therapy animals for her daughter and had gotten out through a damaged fence.

Michelle Ramer, a rural carrier in Muscatine, IA, was delivering mail when she heard a child crying across the street. She saw that it was a toddler alone outside a residence, clothed only in a T-shirt and diaper on a frigid day. Ramer knocked on the front door but got no answer, so she alerted her supervisor and sat with the child in her warm vehicle until authorities arrived.

Source: Brandy Miller, St. Louis; Leroy Musgrove III, Fairmont, WV; Joan Oehlers, Temperance, MI | USPS News Link

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