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Rural Carrier Heroes: John Hatz and Brenda Prado, Sanger, CA

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The emaciated pony was out of hope, and almost out of time.

Someone abandoned the animal on a roadside near Sanger, CA, earlier this year, along with a smattering of hay and fruit. But with a broken jaw, tooth damage and a leg injury, the animal had little will — and little ability — to survive.

When Rural Carrier John Hatz discovered the pony while delivering mail, he knew he had to act fast. He also knew he could count on fellow Rural Carrier Brenda Prado for help.

They contacted a local animal welfare agency, which took custody of the pony and named it Clyde, while Prado posted a photo and appeal to potential rescuers on social media. Her effort quickly went viral and was shared thousands of times, the Fresno Fox station reported.

A veterinarian determined that Clyde was over 20 years old, and although his jaw and teeth were treatable, his leg injury was old and could not be fixed. Still, Clyde was eventually adopted and is doing well.

As the Fox newscast put it, Hatz “is a mailman who delivers more than letters. He delivered help to a creature in desperate need.”

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